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The guide blades on the late 1970s cars and the 1960s ballrace cars are slightly deeper, but not by much - about 1mm. All three have different steering units and the guides may not be interchangeable, but without dismantling anything I'd guess the c1979-80 one is more likely than the ballrace to fit the Slimline.
Unless you're keen on authenticity, the simplest solution is to fit smaller diameter tyres. One of my two Slimlines runs fairly well on 17mm diameter non-Airfix fronts (though maybe one day I'll try something more authentic).
The rounded-profile tyres are about 20mm in diameter and I don't think they would help. From the photo, your Honda seems to have flat-profile fronts, which are probably slightly smaller. If they're the same as on my other Slimline, they'd be c19mm.
Have fun,
Rob J
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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