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MRRC BRM P261 build

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Our club has a class for early to mid 60's GP cars, and the MRRC BRM P261 is my latest build for that class.......I stole wee Jackies head from a Slot-it GT40 (I did not have a Stewart tartan decal, and there was no chance I was going to paint one), added goggles, a face mask, goggle/helmet straps.

I used some spare grommets (ferrules ) for intake trumpets built up chassis and away we go..(BWA inserts/wheels)

The paint is not by any means a perfect shade, has too much metallic content, and the metallic particles are too big, (as would be expected for a 1:1 paint).

Anyway it is completed, looks good to me, and I will swear to any naysayers that I obtained the paint directly from the Owen group.

Chris Walker
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Beautiful work on both the bodies and chassis, Chris. The results show the character of the GP cars of that period.
For the record, when you wrote "Honda based on Ginther's 64' Mexico car" you would have meant 1966. A little finger trouble there, presumably.
Rob J
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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