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MRRC BRM P261 build

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Our club has a class for early to mid 60's GP cars, and the MRRC BRM P261 is my latest build for that class.......I stole wee Jackies head from a Slot-it GT40 (I did not have a Stewart tartan decal, and there was no chance I was going to paint one), added goggles, a face mask, goggle/helmet straps.

I used some spare grommets (ferrules ) for intake trumpets built up chassis and away we go..(BWA inserts/wheels)

The paint is not by any means a perfect shade, has too much metallic content, and the metallic particles are too big, (as would be expected for a 1:1 paint).

Anyway it is completed, looks good to me, and I will swear to any naysayers that I obtained the paint directly from the Owen group.

Chris Walker
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Here am I embarking upon scratchbuilding cars, I see work like this and wonder whether or not I should give up?

Thanks Chris, inspirational.
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