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Hi Guys.
I have these two Vintage MRRC Cars which you may like to see.

Looking through out the forum i see several references for them and there age.

Novi fergusun Cat No. 726 in green.

And Merc 154 GP Cat No. 725 in red

There in there original boxes which seem to be in good condition alas with no inner card base/mount

Marked 40/6 on both with correct printings for both cars

Cars look to be hardly used and in very nice condition.

Both have superb chaissis and running gear.
They both have had there guides shaved a little as i know they bought to run on plexytrack.

Came from a collection of scalextric which was put away in the 60's

Red Merc has its original flyscreen but is missing a mirror.
Yellow drivers overalls is not original (see below)

Bodyshell is superb

It has slight damage to the two exhausts,one has it's front front mount missing,other has its front upswept/manifold piece missing.

Tyres are shot allround,except for one rear looking ok
Has a brass mounted,plastic rear contrate.

Novi Ferguson is in a fabulous condition also.
It has a nice shell

Has good tyres,has a brass bevel rear contrate, and pinion.
It has it's original screen ,rollover hoop and exhausts,which are excellent.Also has a perfect rear body cage.

Sadly it has had a coat of yellow of the nose and over the rear.Looks as if this will come off very easily.
But it has covered the rear fuel cap which may affect the chrome.

Looks the same color as the overals on the merc.

Here's a selection of pictures for you to have a look at.

Novi in green...

Merc,in a unusual red color?, where'nt mercedes silver?

I have more pics if they are of any interest.

Probably try and find some original diamond cut tyres for the merc,plus a mirror then i'll be happy with it.

Not sure wether to tackel the yellow paint on the novi,although it would look a lot better.

Hope you enjoyed looking at them.


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Good to see two more of those classics, Tim.
The most common MRRC Merc colour was white but red was a standard alternative.
My similar cars have the same gears as yours: bevel on the Novi and brass + plastic on the Merc. I don't know if that happened throughout the run or if there was a change to both on the production line.
Rob J

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Hi Rob,that's interesting.Thanks for your reply

I wondered why they had different axles too?
Maybe an age difference between the two and they used up different parts as time went by maybe.

Plus the Red merc was maybe made later than the more common white one.

Hi Kev,thanks mate,here's a few more pics i took.

Would you attempt to take the yellow paint off the ferguson?

Also what chance i have i got in finding tyres for the merc?

Plus a mirror and exhausts,...nil?

Thanks for looking at them and also for your input,any further advice suggestions would be very welcome.


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Replica diamond pattern [both front and rear] tyres are available which work well on most tracks, these are made by Ortman and sold in the uk through R.S Slotracing.
If its the originals your after then try Phil Smith or Derek Cooper, these will be useless for racing though! they might also be able to help with the other missing parts.
Good luck
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