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For restoration purposes I have been looking for a certain racing number font often used by 60's British slot car builders. I managed to find it on two vintage decal sheets, one by MRRC and the other distributed with copies of Miniature Autoworld. I scanned the sheets and made .svg vector graphics copies with Inkscape.

The .svg file can be downloaded here. The Miniature Autoworld numbers are a bit bigger and very slightly different. I also included the Ecurie MRRC logos. Black versions of MRRC roundels are my addition. On my Miniature Autoworld set numbers 3 and 7 were lost, so I used bigger versions of MRRC. Also lost were the roundels, so I took measures from an old slot car body.


Uploaded with

If this is not OK with MRRC, I'll take the top half off!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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