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Heres apic of the new mrrc toyota chassis

thanks Sean

looks good

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The sample Toyota came with a 28,000 Scaleauto motor fitted. John at MRRC has confirmed this will be the standard motor fitted to the new range of MRRC cars. There are one or two minor mods which will hopefully be made before the car goes into production. The front ride height is a little high on the sample we have, if the front axle is raised by around 1mm it should be perfect. Although a similar effect could be to change the front tyres to some lower profile slicks, although that would be a shame as MRRC have had the fore-thought to use a hard compound/low grip front tyre. The rear tyres are very nice and grippy, they also fit the Fly Capri's/Lancias!
For those who want the tech spec of the motor it is rated at 12v - 28,000rpm, 0.31amp, 150gr/cm and is the same size as a standard Mabuchi S. It is recognisable as the can is painted red and the motor shaft extends from the endbell only. Will also fit Scalextric and Fly.
The 35,000rpm motor has a spec of 12v - 35,000rpm, 0.44amp, 190gr/cm again the can is painted red but the motor shaft extends from both ends making it a universal motor which will fit Scalextric, Fly, Ninco, Proslot etc. The motors are supplied separately without wires or pinions.
Hope this clears up more questions than it poses!
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