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Perhaps the title of this post is a little misleading........perhaps not.

I've had a Clubman Chassis kit on order for some months now, with no sign of a delivery date.......Also they were relaunching their range of buildings, after a few appeared and quickly sold out there would appear to be no restocking of this range...

Where are the new cars they were going to launch?..................

I've read nothing in the press about the Company, good or bad. I hope they are still trading as they do (did?) have an excellent product .

Any inside info appreciated.



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The red and white Celica has only recently come out, so there has been activity.

I have no direct knowledge of the company, but I understand that, being a small scale concern, schedules and the like might best be viewed as good guesses rather than hard and fast timetables. Whatever, as they are offering Martini 935s I can wait (just).

· Matt Tucker
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Re clubman kits - I heard they will be prodcuing some more of the Porsche 904 kits but had no plans to re-issue the Ferrari 250 or other one. In fact I think there were rumours of anouther clubman kit being developed. If you want the 904, last time I was in GS they had a couple available.

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