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I am a big fan of ninco i have steered away for the first time to mrrc just beacuse i need a pre 1980 sports and ninco only do a pre 1980 classic sport ,
iv never raced one i was just wondering if any one has used one and what are they like .
link to car
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Almost finished a review on the new Sebring-chassis Cobra - mechanically identical. The answer is: b***** awful straight from the box. I tried it alongside the King Cobra and Ford Mk.IV and discovered the following problems are common to all:

1 - Guide mounted too high in the chassis and too shallow, barely inside the slot. Front wheels to big for the guide.

2 - 21k skinny motor as horrible as those used by Scalextric - namely all on or all off. There's no middle ground even with a high resistance controller. Also there's no natural braking effect when you come off the throttle.

If you run with magnets it will be fine. Too fast for what it's supposed to be and no less driveable in terms of the motor but with a magnet you could make the Ark Royal into a slot car if you wanted.

If you run without magnets, as MRRC cars were always really supposed to be, it's a nightmare that I would have given up on but for the fact that we have to run them as a club class.

With 10g of lead (no more will fit into that chassis), the front tyres shaved down as far as they will go and changing the braids from the bushy, inflexible stuff MRC fitted to SCX Pro it might just make a few laps without falling off. Can't cure the guide or chassis design, however.

I'll find out on Wednesday night at the club, the report will follow in the reviews section.
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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