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I have the Ford RS200 though I run on plastic track with magnets.
However heres some things I found out with it.
First I found that the body would scuff on the rear wheels alot, to fix this I had to put 2mm spacers on all the body mounting posts.
Second I found that the spur gear and grub screw would keep slipping on the rear axle causing it to loose drive. I ended up having to threadlock the grubs in so they dont work themselves loose. Also for me the car didnt come with the required allum key to remove them! Nightmare I had to fashion one out of a piece of metal...
I also found that the rubber mud flaps fell off all the time so it is now without them.
Other than that it's a fantastic car and drives very well, it very slippery but never feels out of control and consistently beats SCX 4wd cars around my track.
If you can get past the minor problems you will be greatly rewarded with a great car and one that has bags of driving character.
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