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Ey Up guys.

I have the 6R4 and the RS200.

We run 4x4 class at Gainsbro on a wood routed track with copper tape.

The 6R4 was much too pokey, and transformed by replacing the motor with a short can 21 k motor, very nice to drive !!.

Likewise my RS 200 has an NSR 25k Shark, twin drive bands on 8:26, NSR Ultras on "air-hubs", Slotit wood-track guide. Very fast and drivable.

Both cars were stripped, straightened, re-assembled to straight, square and correct wheelbase, without bands, and then superglued together.

Whilst doing this, do not overtighten the screws, as this will distort the chassis !!.

The 6R4 is probably my favourite car !!, but it does not get much use cos we are very competitive and it just isnt quite fast enough for the top group !!.

Although we dont run on a rally track as such, I would confidently recommend them both.

vbr Chris A.
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