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Tom Brown (Scorpus Flex)
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QUOTE (loosesalute @ 10 Jan 2012, 22:18) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>A few of the lads at NERCS race MSC cars on our wooden club track.
They do perform very well, & look very nice!

I use msc cars on the nercs track and they drive very nice and look great.

1. 6r4 and rs200 doesnt come with drop arms. I managed to fit a drop arm into my rs200 but it took a lot of chassis modification, a lot of time, and a lot of frustration. these cars do run on monte carlo chassis but the wheelbase of both are too short for a drop arm to go straight in. Im also not sure if the suspension springs fit on these cars.

2. I cant get the pinions off the motors to take the motors out. a pinion puller will not go on with the motor in the chassis. catch 22 situation. This might not be the case on all cars but my 2 suffer from this.

3. quality of parts. My 6r4 uses the same drive best as my rs200, but has a shorter wheelbase, meaning the band slips off on occasions. my rs200 had a warped chassis, which i had to send back to be replaced. Only has one mounting post at the rear, which isnt a system i like as it lets to body rock so the wheel arches rub on the rear tyres. I have also had to add spacers between chassis and body on both cars to stop tyre rub.

despite all this these cars are not only great fun group B monsters, if you have the time to get them going nicely they will blow the pants off any other slot car designed for rally. Avant slot get close but MSC is the brand for me. Tyre wise standard tyres are ok but i think 15x8 nsr or tyres depending on surface will work great, and I have some custom made dirt track wasp tyres for the metro.

The rs200 is only slightly faster than the metro, probably due to the slightly longer wheelbase and lower body. I would say at this stage go for whichever car is your favourite and see how it goes. It will probably need a little bit of fine tuning to get running well but what slot cars dont?

hope this helps
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