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At our committee meeting last night I put forward a new class (Julian had the same idea), which would be MSC Competition rally cars.

I used my MSC 6R4 for the test car for every one to try and give their feed back on, then if everyone was happy to suggest it as a new class for Molesey for the new year. Cars will be inline only.

The setup on the 6R4 was, take the magnet out, true the tyres (no gluing, not needed) line the main gear for free running and set the track power to 12v.

Conclusion, the car performed beyond my expectations plenty of power for our track with a bit of rear end slide without de-slotting. I don't think I was the only one that enjoyed it.

Julian is bringing down an RS200 on Thursday which I have no doubt will perform equally as good if not better, I'm excited about this class a you mite have guested as I like Group B rally cars and rally in general.

At this point in time it's only a suggestion, more info about this class to be talked about off the forum.

My car is available on Thursday for testing if you want to try in along with the RS200.

Those club members that don't know how to type or use a mouse or even don't know what the internet is will be told about the new suggested class.

Cars can be found at Pendle if you have trouble understanding what I'm banging on about


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QUOTE (Flange @ 13 Oct 2011, 09:45) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Oh if anyone gets one of them I'm sorry if I'm sick all over it

That's very to tolerant of you to say you are going to be sick over it, which again helps to lift the profile of our club.
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