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Hi Julian.
Two simply options.
Use a (pre worn) Ninco guide. These are a good fit, but you must trim back the thickness at the eyelet fitting. The plastic here is a little thicker than the MSC guide, and it will just snag if you don't remove a little thickness with an exacto blade.
Option two.
Use a pre worn Ninco guide as a pattern, and shape the MSC guide to this, It is easy two shorten its depth, get a roughish sand paper/emery cloth place it on a block and rub the guide fore and aft until you achieve the same depth as the Ninco pattern. Make sure you round the lead edge of the gude, as this helps when you meet all the 'interesting' joints and track misalignments we ecounter on many SRGB stages!
It really is very easy, and is a lot quicker to modify the MSC guide than to write this 'how to'!
Cheers Bill
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