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It depends on what you're looking for but for the range and bang for the buck, SCX is hard to beat.

If you're running competitively then, depending on the classes you run, MSC makes a strong case.

Have a look at the results of each of the Slot Rally GB events, however, and you'll see that between the two brands there is a fair whack of difference.

At Oxford this weekend the fastest standard SCX car completed the 8 stages (routed, Ninco, Ninco Raid, Scalextric) in 447.48 seconds. The fastest MSC completed those stages in 371.6 seconds.

However, standard SCX cars and standard MSC cars don't compete in the same class, and each was running at the front of the respective classes.

Edit: I've got two MSC cars, the 6R4 and the Impreza. I haven't been able to run the 6R4 because of the gearing issue, although it seems a fairly simple one to resolve. In all cases with the MSC cars it's worth bearing in mind that they're 'handling bodies' sitting upon what is intended to be standard-setting chassis, motors and running gear for slot rallying. They are not scale models. The RS200 looks a bit silly and the Impreza is no oil painting. The 6R4 just about gets away with it, but if you want a real looker Scalextric's forthcoming model will be a better bet - it just won't run very well without a magnet.
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