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Ey Up Guys,

I've just received the new MSC Subaru Impreza !!.

It is very different to the RS200 and 6R4.

It has a very different chassis, which has a "slot-it" type motor pod, and the option to fit sidewinder or anglewinder !!.

A slot-it pod does actually fit.

The supplied inline pod has side extensions and holes in the chassis to allow a "3-point" mounting.

It also has moulded in bosses for small "allen screws" to adjust chassis rock !!.

All in all, it seems a much more sophisticated chassis.

Anyway, I have set it up to my standards, slotit gear, NSR ultra rears, but without any modifications, to see how it goes "out of the box".

Club night is on Thursday, so I will report back after that.

VBR Chris A.
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