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It's a toy, albeit a very nice one.
It's covered in tobacco advertising. (and looks fantastic)
Tobacco advertising on toys is banned in many parts of the world.
I'd like to think that MSC have thought, like many of us, that the tobacco advertising laws are stupid and so have ignored them.
Well done MSC.

Probably though, it's not as cut and dried as that. Didn't MSC issue a Belga sponsored car with Belga misspelled Be ga, and the missing l supplied as transfers for user fitment? Why adhere to a tobacco law for that car and not this? My guess is they've found a loophole, rather like the one Ninco used a few years ago where they exploited the one day each year when the law is rescinded (was it New Years Day?) and all cars sold on that day, but only that day, are exempt from tobacco advertising restrictions. The cars only had to be sold on that day, not produced or shipped, so they arranged for all their orders to be made on the requisite day, then fulfilled them later in the year. Possibly my memory is wrong, but I think it was a JPS sponsored Ninco car of some sort. Does anyone remember or know the full story?
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