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It was the last nights racing in 2018 after the AGM - American Muscle Cars on Ballayorkley

Mostly classic era USA 'muscle' cars, these monsters barged their way round taking up more than one lane numerous times during the racing. Like their full size counterparts, the larger cars were quick down the straights and tentative round the twisty bits.

Some of these cars have been seen on Ballayorkley for a few years now and were enthusiastically joined by some newcomers...some looking much worse for wear than others

Overtaking or being overtaken was a mixture of luck and timing and the marshalls were kept really busy at times...recovering bits of car when it was safe to do so

The colours in the results chart reflects the general colour scheme of the car.

As expected the overall performance wasn't up to 'race spec' standards but the fun factor certainly was. Roll on the next time for these monsters.


2019 will hopefully see a trend towards closer racing as we start to use driver seedings created from the rolling 'last three scores in each class'. The aim is to make each heat a closer affair to promote more enjoyable racing overall.

No racing next week. Have a great Christmas break and we'll see you all in 2019 for more fun and closer racing - and in an anticlockwise direction on Ballayorkley (it seemed quicker that way round, we'll see).


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