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MSCC 2022 Race results & reports etc.

New race calendar and rules updates etc. available for download on the club page.

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Race results - 6th Jan 2022

Club Revoslot

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Motor vehicle

A good turnout for the first event of 2022, a welcome return of a healthy looking Dave and a young newcomer Tommy who鈥檚 Dad last raced on a slot car track in the 80鈥檚.
No Chris who was recovering from covid-booster-itis (it has many side effects, some worse than others) and no Michael who has recently been isolating also due to covid鈥et鈥檚 hope 2022 isn鈥檛 going to see too much of this.

The Club Revos have had the deep guides fitted and all 4 cars had their front tyres trued to the same size as the yellow car which is the easiest of the 4 to drive. This is to ensure full guide depth in the slot鈥nd track records fell numerous times tonight.

The new visitor, young Tommy listened well, cleaned the tyres and a 7.1 sec lap is pretty good managed a best time in Yellow with the Marcos.

Dave had a re-run in Red after a braid was pulled out due to a mirror falling off the car in the next lane. The next two heats Geoff and Gavin raced with the spare car in Red which wasn鈥檛 as quick as the regular car.

Everyone else had a mix of good and bad luck as the races weren鈥檛 seeded.

Heat wins in heat order for Mike, Kev, Dave, Geoff & Andy

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Next week is the first of the regular racing, Small Sport/Saloons and Group 5. Last year we raced Small Sports/Saloons then Saloons, this year we鈥檙e having a slow race followed by a fast race for all of the regular racing.

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New for 2022 for club members who are paying full fees monthly. 'Club Challenge' is a regular double slot on this years race calendar.

Andy has kindly supplied a set of what was up until Thursday night - a mystery but was revealed to all - NSR Moslers and Truspeed BP2 controllers.

  • The cars must be fitted with everything in the box except the magnet
  • Tyres can be glued & trued - no tyre treatments are allowed on the tyres
  • The cars can be tuned with adjustments available on the carNo ballast or removing of any parts will be allowed
  • Bodyshells can be painted or liveried to personal choice and there will be a concourse prize for the best turned out car
  • The 3 controllers supplied will stay plugged into the track and used by all of us

Tire Wheel Automotive parking light Land vehicle Vehicle

Anyone who isn't a monthly subscriber can race as normal on these nights with a car suitable for Sports but won't be included in the 'Club Challenge'

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Race results - 13th Jan 2022

Small Sports/Saloons

Car Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle

With Andy, Dave & Mike absent, we still had a good turnout thanks to the return of Chris & Mike H.

All three classes had competition:
Mike vs Gav in Standard class, AC Cobra vs Lancia Fulvia. Mikes Cobra having the benefit of setup time and testing was consistent, Gavs Lancia still in the early stages.
Kev & Chris in Modified class, Chris racing the E-type again, Kev racing a Chappy 2C for the first time.
Brian & Tommy in Open class, Brians Big Healey with a few years of racing under it鈥檚 belt was super consistent whilst Tommy raced a borrowed Triumph TR7 (thanks Chris) and had a best run in Yellow.

Heat wins in heat order for Kev & Brian.

About this time Mark showed up with a box full of Slot cars and goodies, expect to see some of these cars in the near future under new management. The club now has a controller - Truspeed BP2, one careful owner, just run-in.

Group 5

Car Vehicle Automotive design Hood Motorsport

This year Group 5 race on the same night as the small cars, some of these are huge (try getting past a Nissan Skyline in the tight chicane!).
Standard class has recently seen Kevs BMW M1 and tonight went well with Chris racing the too-big-to-overtake-in-the-tight-chicane Nissan Skyline, both cars managing consistent times and both drivers using SlotIt SCP controllers.
Modified class was busy tonight, Brians Capri has been the one to beat in this class of late and was tonight also, whilst Mike & Tommy finished close, Mikes Ferrari and Tommy using the spare club BMW 320i (which drives like a dream).
Open class only saw one car tonight, Gavs Porsche 935 going really well, he loves driving it and set the 3rd fastest overall score on the night.

Heat wins in heat order for Kev & Brian.

Next week we鈥檙e racing Saloons and Sports.

If anyone has a spare car to donate to the club for future new members to hire, they will be gratefully received. There鈥檚 already 4 Rally cars, we鈥檙e looking for Small Sports, Grand Prix/Pre-wing, Saloon, Sports and F1.

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Race results - 20th Jan 2022

Saloons and Sports

Some absentees this week but enough to have 3 marshalls.

Some new cars seen on track tonight, Tommys Mosler and Brians Opel. Meanwhile Geoffs hoppity Mosler has had a new chassis & pod, some tuning and tape got it going round in a competitive time. Kev racing a Scaley Merc DTM on a podded chassis. Tommy racing a SCX Fiesta acquired from Mark last week (we鈥檒l see it in a few weeks in Slot Rally), Brian racing a race prepped Mosler鈥nd Andy racing a standard Mosler!


Car Vehicle Tire Wheel Automotive design

Two Standard class entries, Brian vs Tommy鈥rian turned up with a car prepped via whatsapp and apart from a dodgy guide wire from the factory probably doesn鈥檛 need anything more doing to it, what a fabulous looking car! The SlotIt Opel is definitely the go-to standard class Saloon. Tommy tried valiantly to keep the Fiesta in the slot but it really shines on a Rally stage.

One Modified class entry, Kev鈥檚 Scaley Merc DTM, it went well enough and is running NSR 鈥榖lack special鈥 tyres, very hard to true and somewhere between Supers and Ultras in grip, don鈥檛 seem to wear.

Two Open class cars, Andy鈥檚 Peugeot apparently had a broken Mack chassis and went much better tonight after a repair. Geoffs Opel Calibra gave Brians Opel a hell of a race in heat #2 and managed to win that heat a few car lengths ahead of the Opel.

Heat wins in heat order for Kev, Geoff & Andy.

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Car Vehicle Tire Wheel Automotive tire

Tommy went well for the first time out with a new Mosler, after much practice we called his car in for a tune and setup, Andy went through all the steps with him, what to check, what to set, what to look out for. This is a good car to learn from as most cars can be set up to the same principles.
I honestly can鈥檛 remember the last time we saw a Sports entry list only made up of Standard class NSR Moslers and it was nice to see Andy鈥檚 standard Mosler on track, as expected it was quick鈥nd heat鈥檚 #4 & #5 saw Kevs & Andys Moslers blasting round well under the 6 second bracket.
Brian started well in Red, went better in Yellow and flew round in Blue鈥e鈥檚 knocking on the door of a 5.9 sec lap!
Geoff has had a miserable time with his Mosler, it鈥檚 been hoppity jumpity for a while now鈥 new chassis & pod seemed to help a bit but tape on the bottom to dampen the chatter and backing off the pod screws saw it manage a 6.2 sec lap in practice by a test driver. A best run in Blue and a 6.4 hot lap are progress for this car.
Tommy managed a 6.8鈥 lap with his newly setup Mosler, track time and practice will see improvements.

Heat #2 was a belter, again Geoff & Brian in close combat, this time a couple of seconds separated them.

Heat wins in heat order for Andy, Brian & Kev

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Next week we鈥檙e racing Grand Prix/Pre-wing and Classic F1/F1.

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Race results - 27th Jan 2022

Grand Prix & Pre-wing F1 followed by Classic F1 & F1

A great turnout tonight with 8 cars in both rounds.

Grand Prix & Pre-wing

Tire Car Vehicle Land vehicle Wheel

Geoff started the ball rolling in heat #1 with a dominant drive, the Talbot Lago having it鈥檚 best run of the night (in Blue) leaving Mike B鈥檚 Connaught and Chris鈥檚 Auto Union well behind.

Mike B then put in his best result in heat #2 (in Blue), Chris finished much closer with his best heat result by over a lap and Gavin did well in the slow lane (Red) with the quick Lancia.

Heat #3 finished super close with the lead changing loads of times right up to the last lap as Mike H & Gavin kept us on our toes, in the end Gavins Lancia Ferrari won the heat a few tenths of a second ahead of Mikes Cooper T53. Meanwhile Chris struggled in the Blue lane, the Auto Union still hasn鈥檛 had the brakes fixed but had a best run in Yellow.

Brian started heat #4 with confidence as the other two cars tripped up and he never looked back, the Vanwall super consistent, picking up heat wins. Meanwhile Mike H & Gavin swapped runner-up a few times, at the end it was Gavins Lancia less than a second ahead of the Cooper.

Heat #5 saw Kev鈥檚 Auto Union D type getting off to a great start but a deslot on lap 6 gave the lead to Brian鈥檚 Vanwall for 15 laps but Kev kept chipping away to eventually finish the heat about 戮 of a lap ahead. Mike H finished 3 laps back but managed his best run in this heat.

Heat #6 saw Andy鈥檚 Ferrari 156 win the first of it鈥檚 three heats with a best run in Yellow whilst Brian had a best run in Blue then Kev鈥檚 Auto Union had it鈥檚 best run in Blue in heat #7.

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Automotive tire

Heat wins in heat order for Geoff, Mike B, Gavin, Brian, Kev & Andy.

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Classic F1 & F1

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Land vehicle

Classic F1 has been popular since the addition of the Policar cars, tonight the only one raced was Mike鈥檚 Lotus 72 that had it鈥檚 best run in Blue in heat #4 just a lap behind Brian鈥檚 NSR F1.

Standard F1 was filled with six entries, heat #1 was to finish super close between the runners-up as Geoff drove off in the distance in Blue but actually had his best run later in heat #7 in Red. Meanwhile Mike H & Chris swapped runners-up spot a few times but the end of the race saw Mike fractions of a second ahead of Chris.

Chris won heat #2, Mike this time over a lap behind with Mike B鈥檚 Lotus struggling a little in the tight Red lane.

Heat #3 - Mike H polished off tonights racing with a dominant win on top of his two runners-up spots. Gavin & Mike B ended on the same lap with the Lotus ahead.

Heat #4 - Brian鈥檚 NSR F1 with it鈥檚 first run tonight had it鈥檚 second best run in the difficult red lane but a good heat win for the nicely finished blue car.

Andy鈥檚 was the dominant car in class winning heat #5 whilst Brian had his best run of the night in Yellow, both cars finishing well clear of the other NSR in the heat.

Heat #6 saw the sole Open class F1 tonight as Kev鈥檚 MB/Allslot managed the first of three 30 lappers.

Heat #7 was the closest Andy managed to stay to the Black F1 ahead of him although he did lead for 8 laps.

Heat #8 saw the best lane score all night as Chris & Geoff battled for runners-up spot, Geoff鈥檚 NSR F1 too quick for Chris鈥檚 but not quick enough to give Kev鈥檚 F1 a race.

Tire Car Land vehicle Wheel Vehicle

Heat wins in heat order for Geoff, Chris, Mike H, Brian, Andy & Kev

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Next week it鈥檚 the inaugural 鈥楥lub Challenge鈥 - identical NSR Moslers but with individual paint schemes with a concourse prize available.
There鈥檚 two rounds of racing the type of which is yet to be decided.
Rules for this new 鈥楥lub Challenge鈥 are on the clubs Facebook page.

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Race reports - 17th Feb - Small Sports/Saloons + Group 5

With a couple of storms imminent and a couple of club regulars unable to attend we had six entrees in each class tonight.

Small Sports/Saloons

Car Tire Vehicle Wheel Photograph

Three Modified class cars, Mike B racing his Moggy Minor for the first time and had a fantastic race with Geoff鈥檚 Mini in heat #2.
Chris鈥檚 E-type strangely went best in Red which is always the toughest lane but his closest race was heat #1with Mike鈥檚 Moggy.
Kev鈥檚 Chappy 2C had a best run in Blue which was also his closest race against Andy鈥檚 King Cobra.

Three Open class cars, Brian racing a well worn Big Healey won his first race ahead of Geoff鈥檚 quick Mini but in his next race finally had a 鈥榖low out鈥 despite meticulous pre-race prep (in 2020) ended the evening racing a rather quick Ferrari 365 P2.
Andy鈥檚 King Cobra flew round in Yellow & Blue whilst setting the fastest lane score overall but had a couple of deslots in Red whilst chasing Kev鈥檚 Chappy.
Geoff鈥檚 Mini had a best run in Yellow finishing a couple of seconds behind Brian鈥檚 Healey.

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Group 5

Car Land vehicle Vehicle Wheel Tire

Three BMW鈥檚, two Fords and a Nissan鈥

Standard class racing got closer tonight as Chris鈥檚 Skyline sporting NSR tyres on the back looked proper racey for the first time and managed 2 laps per lane more than last time out! Heat #1 showed how much improved as Mike, Andy & Chris all finished within 5 seconds of each other.
Andy鈥檚 BMW suffering from 鈥榳ater in the tank鈥 which was initially thought to be controller problem but proved not to be as the club controller used in his next race had the same problems and looking more like the motor in it鈥檚 death throes as it got worse in his final race鈥ut it was the quickest car round the track when it was on song.
Kev鈥檚 BMW got nerfed off the bridge on lap #1 and spent the rest of the evening chasing Brian鈥檚 quick Capri, two storming races later relinquished the lead from the Capri.
Geoff鈥檚 BMW is probably his most consistent race car, winning heat #3 in Yellow whilst Brian & Mike finished a few seconds behind, this was to be Geoff鈥檚 best run tonight.
Mike鈥檚 Capri still running without a back window wasn鈥檛 quite quick enough to win a heat but was very close in two races. It鈥檚 a rapid race car that鈥檚 tough to catch as Brian found out in heat #3.
In Modified class, Brian鈥檚 Capri is another best runner, a deslot in the awkward Red lane meant a nervous wait until the final couple of laps of the evening to see if his overall runs were good enough for top overall score. A 28 lapper in Yellow was a super run to win heat #4.

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Next week is the first team race, Italian Cars鈥ith Andy off to Oz for 6 weeks and Mike B off for a fortnight, let鈥檚 hope there鈥檚 enough entrants to make two teams.

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Race reports - 24th Feb - Italiano Handicap Race

Car Wheel Tire Land vehicle Vehicle

This was originally to be a team race but 5 entries made that difficult so we decided to run the races as a handicap.

5 lap qually (on Red lane which everyone struggled with), the handicaps were quickly selected from the handicap chart created for such events.

The handicap is the figure the drivers totals were multiplied by so the fastest qualifier has a handicap of 1.00 i.e. no adjustment.

Brian turned up with a great looking SlotIt Maserati received earlier in the day and did well to get it ready for racing. A little extra ballast tuning before qually and it was going round the track really well.

Gavin鈥檚 ferrari 512 BB LM was sadly lacking in rear grip, standard Racer Sideways tyres just aren鈥檛 good enough, thankfully Chris kindly offered to let Gav borrow a set of NSR鈥檚, with a couple of tweaks of the chassis by Chris, damping tape by Kev and that made a huge difference, 1.5 seconds improvement.

Chris, Geoff & Kev raced familiar cars, Kev鈥檚 Ferrari was the only car not running in Standard class.

Racing was 5 minute heats with everyone having to do a solo run in Yellow, this is harder than you think as you don鈥檛 have anyone to chase or evade.

Heat #2 was the first head-to-head, Chris vs Brian, both going really well, Brian making the Maserati look so easy to drive (in Blue) whilst the Lambo Huracan had a clean run in Red unlike most of the other guys tonight.

Next head-to-head was heat #4, Kev vs Chris, the Huracan suffering two deslots really late in the race and Kevs Ferrari needing marshalls help once. The 550 Maranello a little too fast for the Lambo.

Heat #6 was Geoff (in Red) vs Kev (in Blue). Geoff鈥檚 Group 5 Ferrari a victim of the Red lane curse, a deslot gave Kevs Ferrari the chance to get a comfortable lead it wasn鈥檛 likely to lose in the favoured Blue lane.

Heat #8 saw Geoff (in Blue) vs Gav (in Red), the pair of Group 5鈥檚 going head-to-head and to be fair the way Geoff鈥檚 black JPS Ferrari was going, Gav wasn鈥檛 going to keep up.

Heat #10 saw the return of Brian鈥檚 Maserati (in Red) vs Gav鈥檚 512 BBLM (in Blue). Gav managed three consistent results tonight and Brian鈥檚 new GT3 finished the night unbeaten on the track鈥

Car Vehicle Wheel Land vehicle Tire

鈥et鈥檚 see how the handicaps changed things:

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  • Both Kev & Geoff went better than their predicted scores
  • Everyone went much quicker than their qually times (not forgetting qually was in the Red lane)
  • 3rd, 4th & 5th places were really close
  • Heat wins in heat order for Brian, Chris, Kev, Geoff & Gav - (including solo runs)
  • Italians make exceedingly good looking cars
  • Brian's madeira cake is fantastic!

Next week is the first Club Car race, Club BMW 320i. Andy is away down-under for another 5 weeks, Mike B is away for another week and Chris is working

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Race reports - 3rd March - Club BMW 320i Handicap Race

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Automotive tire

These cars were last run 6 months ago, each one was checked and the motor in the Yellow car was changed for a new one as it was on it鈥檚 death-bed.

5 qually laps were run by each driver with the best lap used to work out the handicap adjusted results. Red lane was used for qually, next time we鈥檒l try a different setting in the timing program so qually can be run on any lane.

With club members off Island or working and only four entries we took the opportunity to try a new heat system with two guaranteed marshalls鈥t worked well and both marshalls seemed to handle the job in hand.

The handicap is the figure the drivers totals were multiplied by so the fastest qualifier has a handicap of 1.00 i.e. no adjustment.

We ran two rounds with drivers swapped round for round #2.

For some reason tonights scores were much better than the last time these were raced and Michael in particular showed huge improvement by setting a hot lap only bettered by Kev.

Round #1:
Heat #1 was Mike (Red) vs Kev (Yellow), with red lane having a couple of awkward corners and direction changes, Kev managed to get round much quicker than Mike to win comfortably.

Heat #2 was Brian (Yellow) vs Geoff (Blue), with both car going well but Blue a little quicker, Geoff managed to win by less than a lap.

Heat #3, Mike (Yellow) vs Kev (Blue). The Blue car was flying tonight, all drivers easily setting their quickest lap time with this car.

Heat #4, Geoff (Red) vs Brian (Blue), Geoff did well but Brian drove the Blue car to a comfortable win.

Heat #5, Kev (Red) vs Mike (Blue), Mike had the quickest car and managed a quicker hot lap than Kev in the awkward lane, Mike would start to catch then Kev would push as hard as possible to reduce the damage鈥n the end Kev finished about a second clear.

Heat #6, Brian (Red) vs Geoff (Yellow), Brian managed a clean race but Geoff had an easier race with the Yellow car finishing nearly a second clear.

Round #2 was mixed up with Mike vs Brian and Kev vs Geoff.

Heat #5 was the closest race for Brian vs Mike, Mike winning the race in Blue by 4 seconds.

The final heat of the night was one of the closest finishes as Kev managed to keep the Red car just over a second ahead of Geoff鈥檚 Yellow lane car.

Of course the final results were yet to be found as this was a handicap race and favours those who need marshalls help the least, this time round it was Kev, but only by a single lap as Geoff drove great tonight, very consistent in Yellow & Blue lanes.

Car Land vehicle Vehicle Tire Hood

鈥et鈥檚 see how the handicaps changed things:
Unlike last weeks Italiano handicap, everyone was below their Club BMW predicted score.
Everyone went much quicker than their qually times (not forgetting qually was in the Red lane).
There was only one lap in it after 18 minutes racing.
Heat wins in heat order for Kev, Geoff & Brian in Round #1, and Brian, Geoff, Kev & Mike in Round #2

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Next week is Saloons & Sports鈥ast time out they were quick and Mike B should be back鈥

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Race reports - 10th March - Saloon + Sports

Tonight saw the return of Mike B from his Irish visit so we had full heats which kept the two marshalls on their toes at times..


Car Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire

Only one Standard class car tonight, Brian's Opel Calibra, still unscathed and new looking and nicely it goes round the track too. A best run in Blue and comfortably into the 6 second lap times.

Open Class was popular with a mix of classics and modern as a brace of US Muscle cars were up against a brace of DTM鈥檚. Chris & Mike were close at the end of the racing, both beating each other to heat wins in rounds #2 & #3.

Geoff鈥檚 DTM easily had his best run in Blue, finishing the last 8 laps quicker than Kev鈥檚 Camaro that had tyre issues late on.

Kev鈥檚 Camaro running Scaleauto tyres went really well but they tend to ball-up late in the race but flew round in the Blue lane.

Heat wins in heat order for Kev, Mike & Chris

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Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Automotive tire

Standard class is the home of the NSR Mosler, four entered tonight with heats #1 & #2 being Mosler only races.

Kevs copper Mosler not easy to keep up with as Mike & Brian found out in heat #1 and a best run of 30 laps in Blue.
Brian saved his race-ready Mosler for the racing as he practised with a spare car and managed three great runs with a total of 82 laps which is podium pace. His closest race was heat #4 in Red鈥ut was edged from the heat win by Geoff in the Blue lane.
Geoff鈥檚 Mosler miseries are now gone (...but not forgotten) and really got going in Blue with a great hot lap and heat score.
Mikes Mosler had a great run in heat #3 battling with Chris鈥檚 Dome Judd. Chris led for 16 laps, Mike for 11 and in the end were only inches apart鈥ith Chris getting the win. This was to be the best run for the Dome Judd which was the sole Open class entry tonight.

Heat wins in heat order for Kev, Chris & Geoff

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Next week is Slot Rally

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Race reports - 31st March - GP + Pre-wing plus Classic F1 + F1

A good turnout tonight, 7 club members braved the sudden freezing blast from the north including snow.

GP + Prewing

Tire Car Vehicle Land vehicle Wheel

It鈥檚 fair to say the Grand Prix classes are the most diverse.
Tonight there were seven different GP cars, Mike H was the sole entry in the Standard class, the Cartrix Bugatti 251 went best in the middle lane and the closest race was heat #3 finishing 3 tenths of a lap behind Gavs rapid Lancia.

In the Modified class we had cars from the 30鈥檚 to the late 50鈥檚.
Kev鈥檚 Mercedes W25 is Mike D鈥檚 with a 3D chassis and had a best run in the Blue lane. Heats #5 & #6 were very close racing against Geoff鈥檚 Talbot Lago that is one of his favourite cars and was tough to beat, he had a best run in the Blue lane which was actually the quickest run of the night and finished a couple of seconds ahead of Kev鈥檚 W25.
Brian鈥檚 Vanwall is one of those cars that isn鈥檛 super fast but always guaranteed to do 21/22 laps. A best run in the Yellow lane for the Vanwall. Did you know that Vanwall was the first British Formula 1 team to win its home grand prix and the World Constructors鈥 championship.

Three Open class entries, Mike B racing a Mercedes W196 for a change, it鈥檚 another missile from Mike, super consistent too with a best run in the Red lane and two heat wins also.
Recently we鈥檝e got used to seeing Chris鈥檚 Auto Union C-type on race nights but tonight raced a Maserati 250F on a rattle pan chassis. It鈥檚 very consistent and had a best run in the Blue lane but usually goes well in the Red lane also.
Gavin racing a very fast Lancia Ferrari had a best run in the Yellow lane and his closest race was heat #3 with Mike H and his Bugatti.

No Pre-wing cars tonight.

Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive tire Motor vehicle

Heat wins in heat order for Brian, Mike B, Geoff & Kev

Rectangle Slope Font Parallel Technology

Classic F1 + F1

Tire Wheel Sky Car Vehicle

One Standard Classic F1 tonight, Kev鈥檚 Policar March 701 managed two heat wins the closest was heat #1 ahead of Mike H鈥檚 NSR F1.

Standard F1 was full of NSR F1鈥檚, Chris鈥檚 car ate a tooth off the crown gear before the racing, a SlotIt was dropped in and it was flying especially in the Blue lane with a comfortable heat win.
Brian thought it was unusual Chris should have gear issues, claiming his NSR crown gear has been problem-free鈥hich it was until the final race of the night where it stripped all the teeth off! Talk about famous last words, nevertheless managed the second best score in the Yellow lane.
Geoff鈥檚 yellow amel liveried car was having no messing about tonight, sh*t or bust somehow managed the best run of the night but in the Red lane and three heat wins.
Mike H managed three runners-up spots with the best being in heat #2 in the Yellow lane and a 6.7 sec hot lap.
Gavin鈥檚 F1 went best in the Yellow lane but came to an abrupt stop in heat #5 hitting the wall and jamming the axle spacer against the bearing meaning end-of-race.

A sole Open class entry tonight, Mike B鈥檚 Merced-ish with a best run in the Yellow lane in heat #3 also managed to win that heat ahead of Gavin & Mike H鈥檚 NSR鈥檚.

Tire Car Land vehicle Wheel Vehicle

Heat wins in heat order for Kev, Chris, Mike B & Geoff

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Next week is Small Sports/Saloons plus Group 5

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Race reports - 7th April - Small Sports/Saloons + Group 5

With Andy back from his trip down-under and a few not able to get down we had 5 club members racing tonight.

Small Sports/Saloons

Car Vehicle Wheel Tire Motor vehicle

Four Modified Class and one Open Class cars.

Geoff & Mike raced 3D Moggy Racers, both cars with S-can motors. Mike lost out in the Red lane, other than that there was very little between them either lane scores or hot lap times.
Chris was testing a Scaley BMW before racing but went with his tried & tested E-type Jag that achieved three similar scores and a heat win.
Kev鈥檚 Chappy 2C isn鈥檛 as quick on a hot lap as Andy鈥檚 Cooper but was more consistent than last time out. Both drivers managing heat wins.

The closest race was heat #5 with Chris & Mike within a lap of each other.

Heat wins in heat order for Andy, Kev & Chris

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Group 5

Car Land vehicle Vehicle Wheel Tire

Three Standard Class and two Open Class cars.

Racer/Sideways rules Standard Class here, three different cars, Chris鈥檚 Nissan Skyline being a bit of a handful in the Red lane lost him time, otherwise he would have been really close to Geoff鈥檚 BMW 320i. Chris went well enough to win a heat.
Although Geoff鈥檚 BMW went really well it seemed a little down on lap time compared to recent outings.
Kev鈥檚 BMW M1 had a great run in the Yellow lane and two other similar lane times to keep clear of Geoff鈥檚 320i.

The two Open Class cars went well, Andy鈥檚 BMW M1 was the quickest car round the track tonight and despite plenty of controller problems during testing seemed to manage around them in the racing.
Mike鈥檚 Capri always goes well, a couple of quick 26 lappers was on the pace of Geoff鈥檚 BMW.

The closest race was heat #3 with Mike & Chris within 4 seconds of each other.

Heat wins in heat order for Kev, Andy, Mike B & Chris

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Next week is 60鈥檚 Minis & 60鈥檚 Mustangs Team Race鈥oth types were seen in testing before tonights racing.

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Race reports - 14th April - 60鈥檚 Mini鈥檚 & 60鈥檚 Mustangs

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With Mike H having car problems we ran two rounds, round 1 was 5 minutes, round 2 was 3 minutes. Working out teams wasn鈥檛 worth it for the number of racers so I鈥檝e created a results sheet to get two results as close as possible.

What was great to see was everyone racing a Mini, they鈥檙e not as quick as the Mustangs but for team racing it doesn鈥檛 matter.
There were three distinct types of Mini racing, Cooper, Clubman鈥nd a couple of MiniSprints.

The 鈥65 notchback Mustangs raced this time round were joined by a 鈥69 Mach 1 Mustang.

With custom heats created we had a constant rotation of drivers on the rostrum, everyone raced everyone else.

Andy & Geoff raced notchback Mustangs in round 1 and Minis in round 2.
Kev raced a notchback Mustang twice, a MiniSprint twice and a Mach 1 Mustang twice.
Brian borrowed a Mini Clubman with a quicker motor than last time and raced it all night.

鈥eanwhile, Mike H stayed to help marshall and watch the racing. Armed with info about the pod needed for his Mini should see it on it鈥檚 race debut soon.

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Heat wins in heat order for Kev, Andy & Geoff

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Next week is Slot Rally

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Race reports - 28th April - Club GT40

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Kept in the tin since 2021 the cars were all cleaned out, one had a body repair, bearings oiled, screws set then everyone had a while to set their controllers and get a fair few practice laps in.

Round 1
Race #1 was Kev, Brian & Andy and ended with all three cars within 7 seconds of each other, this was to be repeated throughout the evening.
Heat #2 was close, Mike B winning by 1.4 seconds from Kev.
Heat #3 saw Mike B & Kev sitting on the line as they hadn鈥檛 heard the 鈥楪O!鈥 whilst Chris cruised off to a half lap lead.
Heat #4 saw Geoff winning by 3.6 seconds from Chris.
Heat #5 saw Andy winning by 2.4 seconds from Geoff.
Heat #6 had the biggest winning margin with Andy in Yellow racing Brian & Geoff.

Race wins in heat order for Kev, Mike B, Geoff & Andy.

Round 2
Heat #1 was a double false start as Geoff & Andy had to go round again leaving Brian to lead for a fair few laps.
Heat #2 saw Geoff winning by 3.1 seconds from Andy.
Heat #3 was the closest race of the night, Mike B, Chris & Geoff all finishing within 1.7 seconds, Chris winning ahead of Mike B then Geoff. All three drivers suffering deslotitis with the lead changing a few times, the last minute in particular was hero to zero and back to hero time.
Heat #4 saw Mike B winning by 2.7 seconds from Kev.
Heat #6 saw Brian winning by 1.7 seconds from Andy.
Heat #5 had the biggest winning margin with Kev in Yellow racing Brian & Mike B.

Race wins in heat order for Andy, Geoff, Chris, Mike B & Kev.

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Next week is Saloon + Sports.

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Race reports - 5th May - Saloon + Sports

With club members away, working or not able to attend, we had three drivers and decided to race 5 minute heats without marshalls and shout 鈥楾RACK鈥 when a deslot happened.

Both Saloon and Sports results are affected by the number of track calls as the race timer carried on whilst we stopped. If the deslot was at the computer end of the track the timer was paused.


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All three cars entered were Open class, Geoffs Opel Calibra was easily the quickest down the main straight whilst Mike鈥檚 Mustang and Kev鈥檚 Camaro were fairly closely matched.

Race #1 - Kev鈥檚 Camaro in front in Yellow whilst Geoff鈥檚 Opel in Red just finished 2.5 seconds ahead of Mike鈥檚 Mustang in Blue.

Race #2 - Kev鈥檚 Camaro in front in Blue with Geoff鈥檚 Opel just over a lap behind in Yellow and Mike鈥檚 Mustang just over a lap behind in Red.

Race #3 was the quickest of the three with only one 鈥楾RACK鈥 shout, all three drivers setting best lane scores in this race and Geoff鈥檚 Opel setting the overall best lane score whilst racing the Blue lane. Mike managed the second best lane score whilst in the Yellow lane whilst Kev鈥檚 Camaro lead for a few minutes whilst in the Red lane but couldn鈥檛 stop first Geoff鈥檚 Opel then Mike鈥檚 Mustang from getting past.

Race wins in heat order for Kev & Geoff

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All three Moslers cars were the original chassis & pod layout and white kits.

The race order was mixed up after the Saloons with Kev in Red, Mike in Yellow and Geoff in Blue.
Geoff managed a best score in heat #3 in the Yellow lane
Mike managed a best score in heat #2 in Blue
Kev managed a best score in heat #3 in Blue鈥檚

Again the races were interrupted by 鈥楾RACK鈥 calls but at the end of the night it felt like we had some great racing.

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Next week is Club Challenge #3

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Race reports - 19th May - Grand Prix & Pre-wing + Classic F1 & F1

A good turnout tonight with seven competitors seen testing a huge range of cars from all eras seen in practice.

Grand Prix & Pre-wing

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No Standard Grand Prix cars tonight but the same three Modifieds seen last time we raced these in March whilst we saw a new lineup in the Open class.

Modified GP

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Kev vs Brian vs Geoff - Kevs Merc W25, and Brian鈥檚 Vanwall went a little better than the last event whilst Geoff鈥檚 super smooth and quiet Talbot Lago ended up half a lap behind the Vanwall which in turn was one lap per heat behind the W25.
Kev鈥檚 Merc W25 had a best run in the Red lane which is unusual for him as he prefers Blue lane.
Heat #6 was close with the Vanwall and Talbot only half a second apart at the end of the heat, the Vanwall just nicking 2nd spot.
鈥eoff finished ahead of Brian in March, last night Brian finished ahead of Geoff.

Open GP

Chris vs Mike B vs Gav - Chris & Mike were a little down on their last time out but heat #2 saw both cars finish within 4 seconds of each other with Chris finishing in 2nd spot ahead of Mike and heat #3 finished only 1.5 seconds apart with Mike nicking 2nd spot ahead of Chris.
Gav鈥檚 Lancia Ferrari was the quickest of the three cars in class but didn鈥檛 manage to stay in the slot as long as the other two cars and finished a few laps down. Gav鈥檚 best run was in heat #3 in the Red lane managing to finish just 5 seconds behind Chris鈥檚 Maserati.

Open Pre-wing

Andy鈥檚 Ferrari 156 鈥榮hark nose鈥 best run was in heat #1 in Blue but managed his best lap in the last heat whilst in Yellow. The closest anyone got to the Ferrari was Kev鈥檚 W25 in heat #7 finishing 2 laps down.

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Heat wins in heat order for Andy, Kev, Mike B & Brian

Classic F1 & F1

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Standard Classic F1
Only one Classic F1 tonight, Brian鈥檚 Ferrari 312 B2 with three consistent and smooth runs despite being 鈥榬un over鈥 late in the evening with the offending car trying to beat the high jump record set earlier by Mike鈥檚 Merc! His first race in heat #1 was close though finishing 1.4 seconds behind Mike鈥檚 Merc with Geoff鈥檚 NSR winning the heat.

Standard F1

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The busiest class of all tonight which at the moment is populated by NSR F1鈥檚.
Heat #1 saw Geoff racing the first of the NSR F1鈥檚 and he wasn鈥檛 hanging about tonight as he put his best time of the night down in Blue ahead of Brian & Mike B.
Heat #2 saw the next NSR F1 with Gav racing Mike & Brian finishing a lap behind the merc. His best run was in the next heat whilst in the Yellow lane finishing only 2 seconds behind Chris鈥檚 NSR F1. This turned out to be Chris鈥檚 best run of the whole evening, he has a knack of doing especially well in the Red lane.
Heat #4 was all NSR as Andy flew round whilst posting the first of many sub 6 second laps seen tonight.
Heat #5 saw Kev鈥檚 Open class Black Bull flying round in the Red lane, getting the 鈥榟oleshot鈥 being necessary to get ahead of Andy鈥檚 NSR.
Heat #6 was even quicker as Andy & Kev managed their best overall lane score of the night and a new class lap record for the Black Bull.
The last race of the night saw Brian鈥檚 Policar Ferrari trying to stay out of the way of two much quicker and wider F1鈥檚 whilst posting his best single lane score of the evening.

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Heat wins in heat order for Geoff, Mike B, Chris, Andy & Kev.

NSR F1鈥檚 with the standard King 21 motor seem to go best with zero or almost zero brakes, they flow much better through bends like this as Andy proved during practice, Kev trying this out with his NSR with a Shark motor fitted to get a similar feel to Andy鈥檚 car.

Some of the club members have done a great job of their NSR F1, adding livery to make these look more realistic than the generic base car.

Andy brought a box of cars down tonight, almost all were sold, GP cars, Rally cars and a Group 5鈥ll no doubt will be seen in action at some time soon.


Next week is Slot Rally

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Race reports - 2nd June - Le Manx

A good turnout for the first of two Le Manx events this year. Group C and LMP cars were seen in almost equal numbers.

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Standard Class was an all LMP affair with most cars and all from different manufacturers. Brian hastily chose to race his SlotIt Porsche鈥hich turned out to be a spot on choice as you鈥檒l see in the handicap results. Gav was racing the sole NSR tonight, the Audi R18 tamed with his new controller and went well in the Yellow & Blue lanes. Mike鈥檚 Avant Peugeot was involved in a few two-cars-in-one-tight-corner incidents鈥ome people never learn and had a best run in the Blue lane and three clean runs.

Modified Class was a SlotIt Group C with NSR Shark motor battle, Geoff鈥檚 Toyota stopped on track with a broken guide wire, the race was paused whilst the pit crew got it repaired鈥nly for the other wire to break in his final race which required a car swap. Unsurprisingly his best run was in Yellow. Kev鈥檚 Jaguar went much better in Yellow & Blue than the Red lane which caught the car out with one deslot and couldn鈥檛 find race pace in qually (in the Red lane) which would have seen a better finish in the handicap results.

Car Vehicle Land vehicle Tire Wheel

Open Class was a mix of Group C and LMP, Chris opting to race the Dome Judd which does go well and looks great and was actually the third fastest car on track tonight. A best run in Yellow for Chris. Andy鈥檚 Toyota (same livery as Geoff鈥檚 Modified Class car) was quick and consistent, a best run in Blue and a couple of heat wins. A good overall result and a super close handicap result鈥o be revealed later

I鈥檝e done two results charts, a normal results sheet with Standard, Modified and Open class results and the second results sheet where the cars are listed on how close they were to their 鈥榩redicted result鈥 using their best qually run lap time.

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Next week sees a change to the race calendar as we鈥檝e swapped these two weeks around. So next week is Small Sports/Saloons & Group 5

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Race reports - 23rd June - Club Revoslot

Covid, work shifts and family crisis put paid to tonights racing as Geoff, Andy & Kev spent an hour or so practicing. Even so by the time the lights went out the track had seen over 1000 laps.


There is a new edition to the clubs Rally tracks as we have acquired Pendles modular layout which allows for a few different stage designs.

鈥nd this week is Slot Rally

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Race reports - 14th July - Mike Dove Memorial Classic GP & Prewing F1

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5 qually laps were run in the Red lane, the best lap time being used to see who finished closest to their estimated result.

This years event was an endurance race. 10 minute heats saw three of the four GP cars suffering tyre degredation at various times through the heats, quick pitstops were seen by all three drivers (as quick as possible that is鈥ome more successful than others!).

Heats were mixed so everyone raced three different drivers, with five drivers we had three marshals in the first six of seven heats.

Kev鈥檚 Merc W25B suffered really bad tyre degradation in heat #1, lap times falling rapidly after 28 laps. The driver swapped to a W165 for the other two heats.

Chris鈥檚 Maserati was the surprise of the evening going really well, two heat wins proof of just how well.

Thankfully Andy put Slot cars before table tennis tonight, the Ferrari 156 always goes well and did tonight. Not troubled on track and was an obvious candidate for the win.

Geoff鈥檚 Talbot Lago was also troubled by tyre deg later in the heats, lap times falling round about lap 40. The Talbots closest race was the final heat finishing a couple of laps behind Chris鈥檚 Maserati.

Brian鈥檚 Vanwall had a best run in heat #6 in the Yellow lane racing Kev鈥檚 Merc W165, tyre deg again having a bearing on the cars overall result.

Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Automotive tire

Heat wins for Chris, Andy & Kev.

When all the results were in, predicted results compared to actual results鈥hris鈥檚 Maserati race pace was the closest to his predicted result.

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Next week is GP/Pre-wing F1 plus Classic F1/F1
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