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Race reports - 21st July - GP & Prewing F1 followed by Classic F1 & F1

Grand Prix

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A second chance to run the same cars as last weeks Mike Dove Memorial Classic Race.

Four Grand Prix cars, three we’ve seen before and one new to the track car. Despite being notoriously difficult to ‘race’ these cars are great fun.
A slight change to the heat lengths with the Grand Prix heats running at 200 seconds.

Brian’s Vanwall and Geoff’s Talbot suffered badly in last weeks endurance races, a new set of tyres transformed Brian’s Vanwall, setting the fastest lane score in the Yellow lane…whilst Geoff’s Talbot carried on the suffering as tyres started wandering across the wheels but matching Kev’s Red & Yellow lane scores to within fractions of a second.

Kev’s newly painted and re-chassied Merc W165 absolutely flew round the Blue lane but really struggled in the Red lane.

Mike’s Merc W196 floats on the chassis and flew round in the Red lane setting the best score of the night in that lane.

Some super racing, Heat #2 saw Kev’s W165 leading at the beginning of the race with the car looking very nervous in Yellow, a deslot meant Brian’s Vanwall flew past with almost a lap lead…the Merc clawed back helped with a couple of deslots by the Vanwall with both cars only one second apart at the end of the race.

Heat #4 then saw another close race as Brian’s Vanwall was up against Mike’s Merc W196, both cars circulating within a tenth of a second of each other, a couple of deslots in the race and by the end they were less than one second apart.

Heat #5, again super close, Kev vs Mike, two Mercs, Kev’s W165 not happy at all in Red whilst Mikes W196 going off-track in Blue…both car only three seconds apart at the end of the race.

Heat wins for Mike, Kev, Brian & Geoff

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After the narrow tall skinny tyre shod GP cars it was almost a walk in the park with the wide low fat tyred F1’s.

Three NSR F1’s plus Mike’s Merced-ish (he does have an NSR F1 but still in it’s box…I think he’s missing out).
No close racing tonight with these, Kev’s NSR going best in the Yellow lane whilst Geoff’s NSR was runner-up in F1 Standard and had a best run in the Red lane.
Brian again proved you can’t beat proper preparation as the grubscrew in the crown gear wouldn’t tighten which caused two race stoppages before fitting a HSS grubscrew and throwing the soft stainless one in the bin. A confident final run in the Blue lane was his best result.

Mike’s Merced-ish had a best run in the Yellow lane but was a fair bit off the pace of the NSR’s tonight.

Heat wins for Kev, Geoff & Brian

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Next week sees the return of Small Sports/Saloons followed by the Group 5’s

Kevs Racing Bits
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Race reports - 28th July - Small Sports/Saloons + Group 5

Small Sports/Saloons

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Standard class cars are rarely raced in this class as there isn’t anything on the market that’s competitive…that is until recently as Revoslot have released a Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA…shortly to be followed by a Mk1 Escort then a BMW 2002.

Six entrants for tonight's racing, a couple of resin AC Cobras (Gav & Kev), a couple of small saloons (Chris & Geoff) plus Andy & Brian’s Alpine & Healey.

Kev’s best run was in Blue
Chris’s best run was in Blue
Andy’s best run was in Red
Brian’s best run was in Yellow
Geoff’s best run was in Blue
Gav’s best run was in Yellow

Heat #3 was the closest of the six heats with Geoff, Gav & Brian finishing within 10 seconds of each other.

Heat wins for Kev, Brian & Andy

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Group 5

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Racer/Sideways Gr5 cars have dominated Standard class for years. An easy car to modify as the chassis is compatible with SlotIt SW pods which makes them quicker and easier to drive. Gav & Brian both racing Racer Gr5’s with SlotIt SW pods in Modified class. Brian’s Capri was the car to beat last time out but tonight lost out in Red, taking it a little easier knowing full well laps-mean-prizes. A best run in Blue for the Capri. Gav’s Ferrari was found to have multiple issues before racing started, Andy kindly let Gav borrow a similar car and he raced it well with a best run in Blue.

Three different cars in Standard class, all three are regulars, Geoff, Chris & Kev. Chris’s Nissan Skyline has often looked badly lacking in grip but tonight was flying round with a hot lap actually faster than Geoff’s BMW 320i but Geoff was more consistent whilst the big Skyline struggled a bit in Red. A best run in Blue for the Nissan. An 80 lap total for the BMW 320i was a great result for Geoff with a best run in Blue. Kev’s BMW has gone well this year in Standard class, a best run in Blue tonight and 83 laps.

One Open class car, Andy’s BMW M1 flew round with a couple of 29 lappers and an 85 lap total.

Heat wins for Andy, Geoff, Kev

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Next week is Slot Rally

Kevs Racing Bits
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Race reports - 11th August - Saloon + Sports

Firstly, it was great to see Paul return to the club for the first time in about 2 years…his Mutley Racing cup still hanging on the wall waiting for him to return.


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All three classes were represented tonight which meant three class winners.

In Standard Class Mike H raced a Peugeot 406, this has been the car to have in Standard Saloon for years. Mikes 406 went well tonight, three very controlled races. Heat #4 in Blue was his best lane score finishing not far behind Paul’s Camaro.

In Modified Class Kev raced an Opel Manta 400 seen last week terrorising TT Grandstand, it went well…for about 90 seconds then times dropped as tyre issues reared their head. Paul’s Camaro first saw action in heat #2 and went best in the Yellow lane, obviously a bit ring-rusty after such a long time away but enjoyed racing on a big track again. A best lane score for the Camaro was runner up in heat #4 in Yellow. A best lane score for the Opel Manta was runner up in heat #7 in Kev’s favoured Blue lane.

Open Class was where the main action was, four cars, the quickest of which was Andy’s Peugeot 406 rocket that strangely went best in the Red lane but was just too consistent and quick to be caught. The battle for 2nd was closer than the result shows with Chris & Geoff not far apart, the big difference was their Yellow lane scores. ’Comeback King’ tonight was Chris, having a couple of great races, one with Kev’s Manta and one with Geoff’s Opel. Mike B’s Mustang has been a regular entry in Saloon and it always goes well, you can see how well it digs into the corners.

Heat wins for Andy, Chris, Geoff & Kev.

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Again all three classes were represented meaning three class winners.

Only three Moslers tonight in Standard Class joined by Mike H’s Alfa Romeo T33/3, a great little race car not quite a match for the Moslers but made a big impression. Kev, Geoff & Mike B blasted past the little Alfa a few times, Kev’s copper coloured one within inches of a 31 lapper in Blue. Geoff’s score in Red was the main difference between his and Mike B’s Moslers. Heat #1 was good, Geoff vs Chris vs Paul…Chris managing the win, Geoff less than a tenth of a second behind and Paul’s Marcos a few seconds behind.

Modified Class - Paul got to race his Revo Marcos on a Pendle 3D chassis, a nice smooth runner that goes great…he put this car together getting on for two years ago.

Two regulars in Open Class, Andy & Chris. Chris’s Dome Judd started as a project a couple of years ago and just goes great, so consistent…three heat wins was a good night for the black and white chequered car. Meanwhile Andy decided to race a Lamborghini for a change, it’s been seen many times in practice and tonight got to race proper, the Huracan managed a best lane score in Heat #1 in Red.

Heat wins for Chris, Geoff & Kev

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Next week is ‘The Italian Job’ also known as Italian Night
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