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MSCC Slot Rally 2018

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A great turnout this week for the first Slot Rally of 2019 - TT Grandstand + Ninco Loopy (thanks Paul)

17 Standard Class cars entered tonight in 7 different classes and 39 Open Class cars in all 5 classes.

Cars not passing scrutineering or eligible for road rallying are marked DEMO RUN in the overall times.

The Ninco track certainly is grippy! the cars with skinny tyres not sliding at all. Unfortunately the high rails caught a few cars out that were unable to get round, these DNF's are listed at 120"

Tonight saw a few drivers trying out different classes for the first time, it's fair to say some enjoyed their track time tonight - roll on the next Slot Rally.

Chris brought down Raid Stage #1 and a few Raid vehicles and kindly let club members have a's the NEW future, very much more aimed at enjoying the challenge rather than beating the clock.


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Rogers Pug 205 T16 in Open 4WD shouldn't be a demo run, here's the correct result:


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Geoff's Ford Escort RS1800 should be in Standard SCX Classic as it's a 1976 car


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Slot Rally last night

A quiet evening with five members, again some cars not seen in competition before. Even so we had a good event and everyone went away with that 'I know what to do better next time' feeling.

Geoff's Pug 208 surprised all on Ninco Loopy, the boot on Steve's Volvo hit every single armco upright as it rounded the bottom bend...for 12 laps, Paul's Honda with PCR chassis proved a great setup for Rally, Andy's Megane blasted round Grandstand in of the of fastest times seen and Kev's XK120 once again putting a smile on his face.


Next week is the first of the Fun Nights of 2019, German Cars of all shapes and sizes will be seen. Bring a BMW, Audi, VW, Porsche, Opel...or even an abscure special...and have some fun racing.


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Slot Rally - 4th April 2019 - TT Grandstand + Time Trial on Ballayorkley + Raid stage

Ten members entered a good mix of Standard & Open class cars last night with the first Raid run held afterwards on Chris's offroad stage. Chris has been developing this stage for a while and the video is definitely worth watching. The laughing in the room telling us these guys were having great fun!

14 Standard Class cars were entered over 8 classes with Ninco being the most popular. TT Grandstand was the Rally stage with Ballayorkley being used for a special Time Trial in the absence of a second Rally stage. The Time Trial consisted of a 60 second run over 6 laps, with no access to a clock it was down to the driver to count in his head. It was funny the different strategies used for this mental timing, Chris using the one thousand, two thousand method and a deslot ending in a five thousaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand moment

Geoff was first up and set a time close to 60 that was going to be difficult to beat, 60.21" and as it turned out was only bettered by one car... As the target time was 60, any time less than 60 was added to 60, so a 59 second run shows as 61 on the chart. Just for those interested here's the list of closest times:

Kevan Rimmer - Subaru Impreza - 60.00
Geoff Harrison - Mini Cooper - 60.21
Paul Thomas - Honda Civic - 60.27
Kevan Rimmer - Porsche 996 - 60.44
Geoff Harrison - Toyota Supra - 60.56
Claire Dellerba - Ford Focus WRC - 60.65
Paul Thomas - AC Cobra - 60.97
Kevan Rimmer - Aston Martin DBR9 - 61.01
Paul Thomas - Lancia 037 - 61.07
Paul Thomas - Jaguar XK120 - 61.5
Claire Dellerba - Renault Clio RS - 61.77
Geoff Harrison - Fiat Abarth S2000 - 61.83
Brian Leadley - Subaru Impreza - 62.22
Mike Buss - Clan Crusader - 62.55
Mike Dove - Clan Crusader - 62.65
Mike Dove - Mini Cooper - 62.79
Mike Buss - Porsche 911 GT3 - 62.85
Mike Buss - Fiat Punto 62.98
Mike Dove - Triumph TR7 V8 - 63.18
Chris Priest - Lancia 037 - 64.43
Brian Leadley - Renault Clio RS - 64.48
Chris Priest - Citroen C4 - 64.53
Claire Dellerba - Porsche 911 GT3 - 64.59
Kevan Rimmer - Jaguar XK120 - 64.66
Steve Morrow - Volvo S60 - 66.36
Mike Dove - Lancia Fulvia - 66.88
Steve Morrow - Abarth Fiat 124 - 67.3
Geoff Harrison - Peugeot 208 - 67.49
Mike Buss - Mini Cooper - 67.73
Claire Dellerba - Renault Clio - 68.31
Chris Priest - Jaguar XK120 - 69.52
Brian Leadley - Metro 6R4 2WD - 70.76
Brian Leadley - Citroen C4 - 71.02
Steve Morrow - Porsche 911 GT3 - 71.04
Wayne Dellerba - Lancia 037 - 71.04
Wayne Dellerba - Ford Focus WRC - 73.29
Wayne Dellerba - Ford Fiesta WRC - 74.39
Chris Priest - Ford Ranger - 76.74
Wayne Dellerba - Renault Clio RS - 80.91
Steve Morrow - Porsche 934 - 80.96

Standard Class wins for Kev (3), Chris, Wayne, Steve, Mike B & Brian

The closest class result was between Brian & Wayne in SCX 4WD

Open Class wins for Steve, Paul (2) & Kev.

The closest class result was between Steve & Mike B in Small Classic

Six vehicles were entered on Chris's Raid stage, this is a class of slot Rally gaining popularity.

We'll have to be organised to get through the evening as more Offroad Rally vehicles get bought. Make sure your entry sheets are filled and cars taken to scrutineering before 8pm please.


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I realised today this thread is called 'MSCC Slot Rally 2018' - this should of course be 'MSCC Slot Rally 2019'
Slot Rally - 23 May 2019

As there is currently only one Rally stage in the room we had a plan B option organised for Ballayorkley (that had nothing to do with counting) if there weren't many club members turned up. If one more person had turned up we would have run two separate groups.

8 Standard & 28 Open Class entrants entered two runs on TT Grandstand, 10 clockwise + 5 anticlockwise laps.

Andy was back from his long holiday and was first on the road. Although the stage had been vacuumed and a car run round a few laps at proper speeds it was obvious the stage wasn't quite ready so Andy did 5 cleaning laps. We should always do this, as it definitely helped.

Plenty of nice Rally cars in action and numerous class wins - in class order for Wayne, Kev, Steve, Mike B, Claire & Andy.

The Mini Cooper was the most entered car with Wayne getting the best result of those and the closest class finish was between Kev's Porsche and Steve's Renault in Standard Ninco 2WD.

Paul ran the first stage but left before the reverse stage so I've put those DNS as 60"

As seems to be normal there was a lot of humorous banter tonight, it definitely adds to the evenings enjoyment. Roll on the next Slot Rally evening - 27th June


Next week - Falcon 1/32 on Coastal + GP/F1 on Ballayorkley


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Open class results will be tweaked...GT3 obviously doesn't belong in the Classic class.
Amended Open class results with Mike B's GT3 in Open 2WD


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Tonight prior to racing we had an EGM to discus the imminent move of the club...Chris will keep everyone updated on this but the new premises should open new opportunities in the future.

Slot Rally - 27th June - TT Grandstand (10 laps) + Like it or Lump it (10 laps)

At last, a hot night worthy of showing off the T-shirts...

Chris kindly brought in some plastic track...with lumps! As the digital connection wasn't going to work properly with normal controllers everyone used the resistor jobbie Chris brought in and it was actually OK. After track cleaning everyone had a few practice laps to try the controller and rule out cars that didn't like the track.

With three Slot Rally regulars away enjoying holidays we had 7 entrants tonight so we split into 4+3 and flipped a coin for the short straw...Geoff/Kev/Mike D got 'Like-it-or-Lump-it' out of the way first, 10 laps seemed a good idea at the time!!! Some cars seemed to like the track, anything below 100 seconds turned out to be a brilliant run. Meanwhile Chris/Paul/Andy/Mike B were being lulled into a false sense of security on TT Grandstand

We had a couple of Standard Class contests, Geoff & Kev chucking Ford RS1800's sideways then Chris & Kev rolling the Jag XK120's round.

Open 2WD is nearly always the most popular and was tonight, eight completely different cars, this class had the least problem with the plastic lumps whilst blasting around TT Grandstand with ease.

Open Classic also really popular, a pair of TR8's separated by less than one second, only Andy's Pantera didn't mind the lumpy challenge.

Open Small Classic a little depleted tonight, a trio of regulars in this class always good to watch, Mike D's Mini Cooper getting plenty of attention from the marshalls...

Open 4WD would be the obvious choice for a rally stage full of uncertainty but the majority still struggled.

Quite a few solo runs tonight, four Standard Class and one Open Class entry. 80's used to be really popular but only a couple tonight.

In case I forgot to mention 'Like it or Lump it' was...lumpy and 4 laps too long but made an interesting change

Slot Rally is always a jovial affair, more fun than serious, the hard part seems to be deciding which 4 cars to enjoy driving


Next week it's Falcon 32's on Coastal + Saloon/Gr5 on should be another hot one!


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Slot Rally - 25th July 2019 - TT Grandstand + LikeItOrLumpIt.2

8 members entered 33 cars was a warm evening!!!

Chris kindly brought some plastic track again and both he & Kev built a rather awkward layout...well it is a Rally stage

A great turnout for the Standard classes, 17 cars whilst 15 Open class cars were entered.

The next time we see the Rally cars will be in the new club room, to make this as painless as possible we need volunteers to help finish this current chapter in the Manx Slot Car Clubs history and starting a new one. A lot of new ideas have been talked about, we should be excited by the future possibilities.

The next couple of weeks racing has been rescheduled around the availability of both tracks thus:

Date Race 1 Race 2

01-08-19 Club GT40 Sports Cars Sports Cars

08-08-19 Falcon Sports BSCRA 1/32 Open Sports Fun Race


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Slot Rally - 29 August 2019 - TT Grandstand + BallaYumpy

First time in our new home for Slot Rally, TT Grandstand was the proper Rally stage plus a new idea on Ballayorkley. Kev made some mini jumps placed in awkward places to catch the drivers out plus a couple of icy corners...all were well signposted! There were also four waypoints the drivers had to momentarily stop at on specific laps. Some cars managed the yumps with little problem whilst others really struggled at higher speeds...slow was the intention of the obstacles but nearly everyone tried to race over them. The icy corners had little in the way of grip and worked well but could have been much longer sections for better effect.

We saw 28 entries tonight, 11 Standard Class + 17 Open Class. Again we saw a few newcomers to Slot Rally and next time we'll see a plastic stage layed over BallaYorkley.

...I have another couple of ideas for the future

Next week it's another first, 1/32 Falcon Sport on BallaYorkley with foams...clean and dry of'll be interesting to see which is going to be fastest


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Slot Rally - 26th Sept 2019 - TT Grandstand (12 laps) + Stage 'X' (6 laps)

Both stages needed a lot of cleaning with everyone invited to drive their non entered cars to get the track 100% clean and ready for racing right from the off.

The temporary Stage 'X' had many elevations and cambered bends with two long (for a Rally stage) straights with one of them a hump you could get the car to go airborne...before crashing in the corner.

6 entrants for Slot Rally tonight, 9 Standard cars and 15 Open cars.

Standard SCX 4WD saw a three way dice for class win with a good spread of entrants right through the Open classes.

The closest class wins were Standard SCX 4WD and Open 80's both decided by about 4 seconds.

With TT Grandstand now having a full cover it should need minimal prep time in 5 weeks time.


Next week it's Club Falcon 32 + Sports/Gr5


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6 lots of entries for tonights Slot Rally, a few cars new to competition tackled Stage 'X' which included a hillclimb and a bridge that the smaller cars seemed to like quite well then followed by a quick blast around TT Grandstand which never fails to satisfy with a well sorted car.

A good spread of Standard and Open class cars with Open Small Classic the most popular as usual, a trio of entries in Open Classic and Open 2WD whilst we had a pair of Standard SCX Classics and Standard SCX 4WD

Next Slot Rally is on the 28th November which will be the last of 2019...bring a coat!


Next week it's Team Mini Racing as the Facebook poll which closed at noon today shows that as the favourite option followed by Club GT40's


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A great spread of Standard and Open class entries for the last Slot Rally of 2019

Both tracks were open for checking cars (quite a few needed a little work), the tracks were as clean as was possible so there were no excuses tonight. Nevertheless of the 28 cars that tackled Stage 'X', there was one DNF. It was a wriggly stage with no place to stretch your legs but some cars looked like they enjoyed the challenge.

TT Grandstand saw some great action, lots of which captured by our resident cameraman (thanks Mark) and a really good run is in the low 60's. With Andy & Mike D away Open Small Classic was sparsely represented tonight whilst Open 2WD was positively buzzing.

Next week it's the last time to get your Small Saloon/Sports and Sports cars out for a competitive run in 2019.


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