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Mugello finished.

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More later in a full write up but we finished this (Jörg and I) tonight bar a couple of buildings and some inner roadway markings.

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Thanks guys!

John P - Picture is angled because I can't get it all in any other way (my story and I am sticking to it

Nuro - Lane lengths are around 23M, not even and total difference between inner and outer is about a metre but as each lane is different to drive and in a Race everyone will drive on each lap, it matters little.

Fred42fr - Times are scant at the moment but when I do the article I will include a comparison timing chart. Hopefully this will help people to get a basic idea of future cars performances in reviews by comparing results.

Laps times are however around 6 to 9 secs depending on car/driver and magnet or not.

Expect them to fall but the elusive 'under 6' has not been reached yet (except for a VERY dubious 4.8 by a racer here on the Open test night a couple of weeks back ;-) )

Plasticar - I tend to agree mostly as it is almost impossible to replicate a track acurately, there was a long thread on SCI last year about this that was one of the most interesting I have read. However, we really have only based the track on Mugello. taking some of the best elements of that wonderful track like the reverse banked turns over the keyboard cave and the 'esses'. Artistic license was used for the rest, especially the tunnel. There are a couple of great sites dedicated to the Mugello track HERE and HERE.

This really was one of the most thought provoking and fun things to do for ages and although not cheap and heavy on time, I am glad we did it to the level of detail we did and most of all, happy I took the extra time to set the track base up as it is so smooth to drive now. For anyone wondering, Scalextric Sport track seats VERY well onto differing gradients and both track and rail are extremely flexible compared to most other systems.
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