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Beppe Giannini
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Hi SR,

first of all do use the proper setting, or you'll very quickly find yourself with a fried meter - i.e not only put the dial on the type of measurement you want / range you expect, but also connect the probes accordingly

Resistance (power off ) : if what you have is a low cost meter, this will only be useful to detect shorts or open (interrupted) circuits - no fancy stuff like arm resistance, the min. range is likely to be 200 ohm and you won't get a meaningful reading for 1 - 8 ohm . The probes go at the two ends of the circuit you want to measure - visualize it, on a track you'll have two circuits in parallel unless you break it somewhere. Initially, touch one probe with the other to be sure you have a 0 reading

Voltage : use V DC where you expect DC current (
) i.e. everywhere in analog, power supply output and car decoder output for digital. As regards base station/control unit output, it depends on the wave form - it would be DC setting for Carrera, AC for SSD. The probes go across the two voltage terminals

Current : you must insert the meter in series , i.e. interrupt the circuit and complete it with the meter - all the more important since you'd likely be using the 10 A range, and that usually doesn't have a fuse ! DC vs. AC setting, same as voltage

Hope this helps

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