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(in no particular order)

- I'm tickled pink seeing how fast digital (or MCPL) has become mainstream, with little or no actual experience yet !!! - I remember the first threads on SCI, maybe 20% were (very cautiously) in favor, and it was just April last year...

- about power surges/number of cars - I repeat that Davic runs well (no surges, no delay) with up to 15 NC1/2 motored cars and a 10 A stabilized power source - this tells us that the real problem is the crappy wall warts that manufacturers inflict upon us for price reasons - we all know that a 12 V nominal wall wart will deliver 18 V on no load, but this drops precipitously as soon as you draw amps - to be fair, we also know the cost of a regulated supply

- max. amps per car - on one hand, the total current drawn by all cars must be coded (chopped) by the base unit - I don't know the practical limit, I believe trains use 10A units - on the other, the onboard decoder chip should withstand the stalled rotor current - I don't have the figures, but my feeling is that you don't get much further than say a 23k wind

- because of deslotting and mainly shunts (same-lane collisions) the practical limit on two lanes is IMO 6 cars. Another aspect that hasn't been really considered until now is ease of overtaking - again IMO the minimum requirement for that is a track length of at least 20 m - we are then talking of a permanent, club track - frankly, I doubt that home, under-the-bed MCPL tracks will be worth the additional complication.
But (the more I think about Scalex Digital the more I like the guys) you should be able to run your car at home on analog and then go to the club and race MCPL - I just hope that such a market is big enough for Scalex (and others) to justify their continuing interest

- more than 2lanes/6 cars : we are talking of the Davic scenario, 15 cars on 4 lanes, 60 m tracks, long distance events (that's the only way to have enough corner marshalls available) - it's such a small sector, that components will inevitably come from aftermarket

- other tracks than Scalex : I've already said that the (possibly unintentional) beauty of the Scalex system is that it opens the way to open source components - the way the LC is triggered makes it standalone/independent from the base unit, plus it cannot be patented
Since the Scalex track is really too narrow for MCPL, one should tell people at Carrera to drop their ridiculous contraption and concentrate on their wide track advantage

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