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Just a reflection about manufacturers 'incentive'.

If it is true that the VAST majority of sets etc is sold to home users AND if it is true that the vast majority of home users do not become involved with clubs and clubtracks. If it also is true that most home set owners do not build a four lane track. Then it is possible that the market for the current digital sets is the home user. In that case it will hardly be of much importance to have a system developed for more than two lanes, more than four cars (six is almost a luxury here if it does not matter to the main market).

OK you say but the majority of set buyers loose interest in the slotcar hobby within a very short time and their home set is put away on the attic etc. Well suppose that this has been the case for the last ten or more years - it might not really matter (to the manufacturer) that it is a 'short-lived' hobby for most people (kids?) if this is a continually re-occuring phenomena year after year? As long as there are new 'kids on the block' every year... So for us the 'real' hobbyist and enthusiasts it stands it might be the case of pure politeness that the manufacturers ever care to listen (to us the 'hobbyists') if the majority of the market is a very different from the one we represent.

This might also mean that as long a system runs 'reasonably well' with four cars the power issues might be looked upon as 'good enough'.

..just a thought.

... on the other hand we are probably the main market for their cars... I would assume that we 'enthusiasts' buy a significant amount of cars, compared to the 'average' home set buyer / user (kids with their christmas presents?).

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