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multiple lane LeMans starts

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Looking with green eyes at the new SCX LeMans start set..... But is there any way I can hook this up to my 4-lane?? Can the necessary extensions be adapted or scratch built from other sections? Or do we just have to lobby SCX to do it for us.... soon. Or is it already out there? 6-lane would be cool, too! Can't you just imagine 6 GT40s, Porsches, 512s lined up slantwise by the track as the clock strikes 4?
Do any of you chaps have any suggestions?
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Scott... you have me slavering at the mouth!!!

But lacking the funds to invest in ebay collectors items and digital tracks etc etc... Is my thought about scratchbuilding extensions for multiple lane starts completely off the wall? Has anyone tried mucking about with track sections? I've got plenty of spare Classic & SCX track to saw up. Any tricks for connecting/fixing?

I wonder if I could rig up a little 1/32 Jackie Ickx sauntering slowly across to his GT40?

Cheers everyone!
Yes! I never had any interest in collecting statics. Couldn't see the point of a racing car sat on the shelf, when you could actually race one. But now my shelves are filling up with static slot cars, and the idea of making a proper setting for them is growing! Cheers!
Wow! Exactly what I had in mind. That's inspiring! I don't think I'm even going to risk getting sucked in to ebay, bearing in mind that the children need feeding once in a while, but it gives me the incentive to at least try sawing up some spare bits of track to see if I can do it. What next? Opening doors on the cars so the drivers can get in? is just so embarrassing to post a smart alec riposte that gets shot right back in your face again. I really thought that opening doors and articulated drivers might be a radical idea. I didn't honestly realise that it's standard practice in other clubs. I stand instantly corrected. But always looking for a challenge, I'm now fitting my cars with miniature multi-CD players so that the drivers can have something interesting to listen to while they lap the tail enders- like Stirling Moss in his Rob Walker 250 SWB. Finding appropriate music is fun. `I'm a Looser' is popular with the Aston Martins. 'We are the Champions' is reserved for Porsches. Meanwhile Jackie Ickx is still ambling slowly across the Sarthe tarmac, 'You Can't Hurry, Love' echoing from the open door of his waiting Gulf GT40. Don't tell me THAT's been done before....or am I wrong again? OK then. What music would other people install in their slot car's sound system?
Oh. Time for my medication already.
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