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multiple lane LeMans starts

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Looking with green eyes at the new SCX LeMans start set..... But is there any way I can hook this up to my 4-lane?? Can the necessary extensions be adapted or scratch built from other sections? Or do we just have to lobby SCX to do it for us.... soon. Or is it already out there? 6-lane would be cool, too! Can't you just imagine 6 GT40s, Porsches, 512s lined up slantwise by the track as the clock strikes 4?
Do any of you chaps have any suggestions?
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the scx le-mans start has the lanes in the wrong order: the front lane goes to the nearside, the rear goes to the far side, meaning the front car has a shorter track. The old scaley one had them the other way round, much better...
ahhhh - didn't think of the crash factor, good point jexy, and appologies to SCX!!!
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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