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According to the Muscle Car Club of America, only the following cars conform to being Muscle Cars - namely low cost four seaters with a metal body and large capacity V8 motor:

Buick GS
Chevrolet Camaro
Chevrolet Chevelle SS (not standard cars)
Chevrolet Impala SS (not standard cars)
Chevrolet Nova
Dodge Challenger R/T (not standard cars)
Dodge Charger R/T (not standard cars)
Dodge Coronet
Dodge Dart
Dodge Daytona
Dodge Super Bee
Ford Fairlane GT / Cobra
Ford Torino GT / Cobra
Ford Galaxie
Ford Mustang Boss / GT / Mach 1 only
Mercury Comet / Cyclone
Mercury Cougar
Oldsmobile 442
Plymouth Duster
Plymouth GTX
Plymouth Road Runner
Plymouth Superbird
Pontiac Catalina
Pontiac Firebird
Pontiac GTO

On that basis a lot of us are running non-muscle cars (are those Charles Hawtree cars?)

We've got some sports cars. And some luxury cars. And a Ford Capri.

So the question is how fussy are we going to be about this? Carrera makes old NASCARs, one or two Muscle Cars, some American sports cars, some American classics and some American GTs. We seem to lump them all in as one - and then add a few for good measure.

As far as I'm concerned a Carrera is a Carrera, and anything that goes round the track the wrong way jus' ain't natural… and I would like to run a '57 Chevy if I ever find one, because at least it will be pretty enough not to worry about being slow and/or on its roof. Alternatively I quite fancy adding the latest NASCAR to my ranks. As it is I've got the Cox Cheetah - although none of these are Muscle Cars per the list. Then again, neither are several others currently running.

Probably one for the AGM…
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