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petestrike, this is one of those threads that would have been so much clearer with pictures. I know what you're on about, but if people haven't seen a Scalextric Xr2i, they really would struggle to understand how much of an insult to mechanical engineering it is!

However, you can only imagine the old-fashioned look we gave as the rep on the Hornby stand at the British Toyfair proudly showed us one and told us that all Hornby cars were going to be made that way from now on! It even had a codename like "NAVDIC" - which I can only remember the last half as Drop In Components !

Despite all this, as a product-starved club (this must have been 93 or 94 - before Ninco or Fly came along and revolutionised the hobby), we had a one-make class for them and they weren't terrible to race. We just had to have rear axle assemblies on permanent order at the local model shop.
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