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In 1992 my Dad bought my Mum an RS Turbo, only one slight flaw with this gesture - My Mum couldn't drive!

Well, the insurance was astronomical so my idea to er, permanently borrow my Mum's new car was was quickly pooh-poohed! Although I did get to drive it a few times and was gutted when we sold it!

Anyway, I have never owned the Scalextric version, however, I have heard horror stories. The last time I drove a Scalextric Fiesta was when Hornby released the XR2, so I have forgotten what they are like and whether they deserve a duff reputation.

For instance, the little Fiesta is powered by a HO motor; does this really hamper performance? The most obvious flaw I can recall, it suffers the same fate as it's bigger sibling (Sierra Cosworth) where both were fitted with 'independent' front suspension to help drive around banked curves. I remember hating this technology at the time of release, since each car looked like it had suffered permanent front suspension failiure!

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