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150g of magnetic downforce is HUGE!!!

...we have a 25g limit
I would imagine that would hardly be any magnetic affect at all?? We don't regularly measure cars but at a recent race we ran some Scalextric BTCC cars - it seemed a stock car out of the case had around 150g downforce and some of the guys with tuned cars had well over 200g - we had a bit of a chat about where we would go with that given the huge difference.
25 gms is somewhere between 25 to 30 % of the weight of most cars out of the box, and is significant,.......try running your car magless on a plastic track against a competitor who has 25gm. of magnetic downforce and see who comes out on top.;).

Another way to look at it is,....playing with 25gms. of lead weight, can make a very big difference on how a car performs.

Chris Walker

PS We have a couple of magnabraid tracks among our local clubs' , and motors generating even 10gms. of downforce do make a difference.
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