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my 4 lane routed track

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here is a few pictures of my routed track "in the making"
havnt got a name for it yet and the back end isnt yet 100% but im thinking of this as the final design
the red bit will be a bridge to the raised section

the supplies

ready for routing(complete with helper)

penciling in the design

looking towards the soon to be raised section of the track

coming onto the start finnish straight

half way through routing the corner

one lane left to route

comments welcome both good and bad
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further progress

getting the angle for the over pass

filled in the missing bit,leading down from the hill towards the back straight

over pass cut and secured in place

i was wondering whether any one would be able to give me a bit of advice on this next bit at the top of the overpass the angle isnt right
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good work there matey
i admire your effort , but i would have used a long staight edge for your straight's , and a tramell for your curves

( sorry i work with routers and MDF and curves for my work , making bespoke kitchens )
fair comment its sort of my first time with a router so there will be some (possibly a lot) of filling
Re- overpass problem

glue a thicker piece underneeth the two top's and usung a sander round over the top to a smooth curve/hump

Also on your up and down boards(MDF planks). Use a circuler saw and make alot of cuts on the underside, 90% to the slots. It will make the boards alot more flexable to shape a smooth incline/decline.

John W.
QUOTE (ju5t1n @ 25 Aug 2009, 19:57) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>i was wondering whether any one would be able to give me a bit of advice on this next bit at the top of the overpass the angle isnt right

Looking at the pic. Can you not just plane/cut the end of the support block @ the same angle as the incline. This will then lower the incline down to marry up to the top. it will also give you a bigger surface area for fixing it in place. you can then use polly filla or similar to fill in any small gaps. Then as Fossil959 says sand the joint to make it smooth.

Hope this helps
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the fixing block underneath was only there as a temporary measure so i got a better idea of the incline,once ive sorted it out the over pass will be at the same lever but im trying to avoid the cars jumping off at that point.
think ill have a go at what youve recomended cheers guys
got a bit stuck in over tha last couple of days(much to the better halfs dislike) got a lot of the mistacks filled and cheers for the advise on the overpass problem,i screwed the support to the over pass first them when i screwed it to the "moutain section" it pulled the angle right up had a 9v battery hooked up to a car and it went around with no problems
heres some pictures#

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lol i keep looking thinking i could just copper tape it and go,but im biding my time put two of the kurbs in this afternoon and started constructing the mountains
been busy yet again put a couple of the kurbs in

getting red for the first lot of mod rock

after the first lot of mod rock

top mountain in construction shame i ran out of mod rock

gave the hairpin kurb a little lick of pain because i had no modrock
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Great start, Justin!
Looking forward to the progress.
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looking mighty fine so far,
will be glad when i finally get my track sorted, will be using your mountain method looks so easy that way
dispite getting ridiculed by my other half and a fair few friends about the newspaper there all sucking eggs now ive got the mod rock on definatly an easy and cheaper way of doing it i did debate using expanding foam but it looked a bit expensive im going to be painting it using this method HERE
as it seems to work for him ill b painting the rocks in a few days so ill let you know whether it worked for me or not
longest 7.5 mins of my life;

but certainly looked good in the end
look'in good there mate

if you want inspiration look here

this is an awsome set-up
i keep doing more and mroe too this track each time i enter my garage and i must admit it is one of the most satisfying things i have ever done looking back over the pictures and how its finally taking shape,from what was a pretty basic drawing on a bit of paper to what it is today,

this corner will shortly b under tha bridge once the lanes and track are painted

the "mountain section" that is really nearing completion and ready to paint on the left side i want to bring the moutains towards the front and slightly round the corner feathering off to under the bridge(which will be on the right)

id like to say thanks too everyone viewing it and commenting
im still fishing for comments
good and bad!?
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your layout is looking well good matey

looking forward to the work in progress pics and the final product
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a question here,havnt been able to work on the track today as i worked late anyway,the mountains are hard if u knock on them as you would a door,but if u press them they seem week,as no one should really be pushing them as such should i not worry or would you recomend giving them another layer
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