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my amateur poor man's track setup lol

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here is the portion of my living room that i've dedicated to HO lol. i'm also show n' telling most of my cars. a BRST 906 is on the way (very excited). the "180 turn" farthest from the wall is a 12" banked 180 turn now and i've got another one for the other side on the way. getting my Difalco on the 17th or so. please ignore the mess. (can you spot the doggie eating dinner?)
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Good enough for me. Can you get larger radius curves like 1/32 tracks? I would make one end of the track a continuous curve and get rid of the wiggle bits on the straights,
updated track with banked turns. makes for much faster fun. only outer lane is used. the copper tape is for weak spots even when i crack the voltage up. i just need to take a lot of time to do more cleaning with the contact cleaner and a bit of needlenose pliers work.
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