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This topic was Split off from Integrali's original one, letting him get on with his Ford and letting other members talk about their rides.

So From the top please, Rail Racer...

This is my car.


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Rail Racer, is that one of those little Mercedes kompressor cars? My sisters car looks a lot like that and that's what she drives. Just curious. I'm really lousy when it comes to identifying new cars.

I drive a geezer mobile myself. You know the type, one turn signal's on all the time, I sit on a telephone book to see over the dash etc

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Hey - Im relatively new to the board and picked up on this thread a few days ago....

Some nice cars in the thread, have to say, in most senses its "horses for courses"...

Thought I'd let ya in on my 2 run arounds....

Daily Driver - MGZR... Totally standard - except for no boot space.... (that anti shopping space saver called a Stereo system helps in stopping the wife filling it wife new shoes..)

and the weekend runner... MGTF - Imported from Germany... a few more HP than standard - but not alot.... a couple of Mods away from standard UK spec cars, but nothing special.

Ive got a couple of projects - one being a 1971 VW camper, but not enough time to get at it...

Keep posting them rides - nice to see



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G'day Guys,
this is my little toy

Make Holden
Year 1973
Weight 2310 lbs (1048 kg)
Cylinders Six in line, balanced and blue printed.
Bore & Stroke 3.625 inch x 3.250 inch (92.0 mm x 82.5 mm)
Cubic capacity 202 c.i.d. (3310 cc).
Compression ratio 10.8:1
Valves Overhead
Camshaft Single. Special "HX" race camshaft
Carburation 3 x 175 CD-2S (1.75 inch) (44.45 mm) Stromberg sidedraught.
Fuel pump Mechanical
Power at RPM 190 bhp (141.6 Kw) at rear wheels. Approx.212 bhp (158.1 Kw) @ 6000 RPM.
Torque at RPM 200 lb/ft (271.5 Nm) @ 4000 RPM. Approx. 222 lb/ft (302 Nm) @ 5000RPM
Transmission type Four speed M21 manual all synchro, with improved clutch and light flywheel
1st 2.54:1
2nd 1.83:1
3rd 1.25:1
4th 1.00:1
Rev 2.54:1
Final drive ratio 3.36:1 LSD. With 3.08:1& 3.55 LSD (optional)
Construction type Unitary.
Front suspension Improved track, independent short and long arm type with revised coil spring, shocks absorbers and anti-roll bar.
Rear suspension Four link type, live axle, revised coil springs and shock absorbers.
Steering type Rack and pinion 16.5:1 ratio, 3.3 turns lock to lock
Fuel tank capacity 17 gallons imp. (77.28 lt).
Front brakes 10 inch (254 mm) dia discs power assisted.
Rear brakes 9 inch (228.6 mm) dia drums power assisted. Dual master cylinder, tandem booster.
Max engine speed 6800 RPM
Maximum speed 138 MPH approx (222 KPH)
In gears speed:
1st 60 MPH @ 6800 RPM (74 KPH).
2nd 83 MPH @ 6800 RPM (133.5 KPH).
3rd 121 MPH @ 6800 RPM (194.7 KPH).
4th 138 MPH @ 6500 RPM (222 KPH).
Wheels & tyres 13 inch (330.2 mm) x 6.0 inch (212.4 mm) alloy rims, with 195/70 x 13 inch radial tyres. Standing quarter mile elapsed time - 14.0 seconds. Engine block recognition - JP (Followed by engine. No.) Engine block recognition (after market replacement block) - NP (followed by Eng. No)


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QUOTE (Rail Racer @ 30 Aug 2004, 17:03)Yes that is a C230 kompressor Sport.
Little!! not really not by the size of British cars.

RR, That's what she drives, it has a carbon fiber looking dash that looks nice too. Little is one of those relative things. I live in the US, my car is probably 50 feet long so....
The kompressor is a peppy little car that handles well too. I was pleasantly surprised. The supercharger really helps it out and doesn't have a whine to it. Very nice car.

Intergrali, when do the lugs come in? I really would like to see the car sporting those wheels.

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My hoodlum days are long gone, I've had the turbos and the GTI's but in my advancing years I've progressed to the delights of pottering round the lanes of Essex in this Morris Minor. It's the best de-stresser I know, once you're behind the wheel the whole world settles down to a comfortable slower pace.


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Now I have always like the Elise I borrow one a few months ago they go very well.

Thomas, can't the Swiss Porsche drivers drive?

Come to Wales and I will you show the worlds best roads.

Best wishes,


P.S. David you still young.

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QUOTE once you're behind the wheel the whole world settles down to a comfortable slower pace.

There is no other option!
And, no... that is not a dig! Seems my former "rapid days" have also given way to more sedate forms of transit. But at least yours has some classic history! My unnamed "old phart car" is just plain boring... but at least it has a 5-speed! Can't give up everything!

PS @ Thomas - Nice Elise!

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I never even noticed the SUV behind the sports car. I saw the bike but not the SUV. I wonder why that is?

I drive a geezer mobile so the only pace I have is sedate. If I need something even slower to wind me down then I have a lawn tractor thing. Hmm, I wonder if I can put a supercharger on the tractor?

David, that is a very nice looking car.

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when considering what to drive, I always have to take into account my large family, and balance that with a comfortable ride (well almost) and power and speed....

I can remember seeeing an article about this car in a 1995 Car magazine and it was rated as one of the best....... yes.... station wagons (estates, avants) around.

So as it was affordable at the time ... this is what I settled for....

And no Phil - I still say your Mitsubishi was not quicker......

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Ah yes anthony the VR4, it was very quick, 2.5 twin turbo 4wd etc etc.
Here's the only pic I can find,
I never came across anything, on the road, that it couldn't keep up with.

I had this before that,
Lexus/Toyota Soarer, this was the one with the active suspension, same as the F1 cars used to have, never found it's limits!

Now I have this, the best load lugger in the world, and it is a E430 (4.3 V8) not as fast as the AMG version but still goes well.

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