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Gary Skipp
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Sorry to start a thread when there are allready a few going about digital regulations, but I'd like to voice my opinion when the thread hasn't allready turned into something else and my reply will seem irrelevant.

Plus, this is a good way of scooping my thoughts together in one place.

Lapped Cars:
The slower car should stay in its lane until it has been overtaken. That way, its up to the more skillfull driver to overtake, but at the same time the slower driver is not getting in his/her way.

This should definately not happen. Cars should be driven by the drivers, not a computer. Look how crap F1 is now all computer gadgetry is in use. Of course there is no excuse for shunting, and penalties should be given to those who do. I think all of us should have the courtesy to drive sensibly anyway.

The should be one lane on the track (preferably the inner most or outer most) that all cars get returned to after crashing. This includes all manner of de-slots, from the minor to the 'through the window' type crashes.


Brian Ferguson
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I totally agree, Gary!

We don't need to rewrite every competition rule, or alter our expectation of sportsmanlike conduct, for digital racing. There are really only a couple of new things to consider, and rules for those will evolve very quickly - witness the DAVIC racers' implementations already. We need to understand that digital (MCPL) racing requires a different mindset, but we don't need to approach this as if it is contrary to all of our previous experience - it isn't! It really is evolutionary, and not revolutionary, despite the apparent large leap from what we have known for so many years. It is still slot car racing.

I'm not even yet convinced that MCPL digital will globally succeed, at least in the short term, in the club environment (I think it will on home tracks). And although I'm not yet embracing it, I'm not foolish enough to dismiss it or ignore it, and I'm watching it closely to see the path it takes.

PS - MCPL = Multi-Car Per Lane, a term some of us started using to differentiate this form of digital from things like Scaley's SportWorld digital system which has a totally different meaning. I only mention this as someone has recently asked.
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