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Hi Guys

I decided I need a permanant track and popped into my local timber yard to discuss sizes of MDF sheet - he told me that I could get a sheet 10' x 5' and These seems like a decent size to fit the gap I have and to marshal myself.

I already decided I wanted to use Sclaextric Sport so that was one choice sorted.

I also decided I should also come up with a design that would be ready for digital lane changing and if I got it right (tell me if I am wrong) all I needed to do was have a 90 deg radius 2 curve with a half straight before it ( I do hope thats right) - in my plan I have shown these as crossover curves so you can see where it goes.

I also decided to use radius 2 curves where I could for the simple reason that I have some
- I also wanted a hairpin (I think).

My last decision was to leave enough space around the track to use borders where needed.

The plan I have come up with below is simple, I admit that but I wanted to avoid cramming the track in as much as possible and create something interesting to race on in a limited amount of space. I also intend to cut out the lozenge shape section at the front to facilitate marshalling.

The crunch is I dont have enough track to build and test this so I would be keen to know if some of you guys with more experience than me (all of you?) think that this track could be any good?

Comments please ?

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Hi RobFitz,

you are no doubt aware that nobody has actual experience in terms of digital track layout - Davic and SCX Digital are not relevant. It will be interesting to see what layouts Scalextric will recommend.

With this disclaimer, my speculation : first of all get rid of the squeeze section - overtaking with digital is not that easy, and more collisions are likely, so you don't want to make things worse

Now, the LCs. The inside lane on the long straight is favored, so the LC on the right would be inside-to-outside for a following car to attempt overtaking - you then have a good, balanced piece of track until the left (outside-to-inside) LC
That's fine, but if the car doesn't complete the maneuver by then, the following section is hopeless on the outside

Things are definitely worse if you invert the configuration of the LCs

If you are not planning to use the full 6 car capacity, probably 1 LC + 1 crossover would provide more balanced lanes

Again.... I just hope I don't end up with egg on my face !!


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These are important issues. If you get it wrong, you make it worse.

If that's all the space you have, the design is ok as it is not too cluttered.

My advice is that you play with the track for a few weeks on the table or on the floor before you stick anything down and build scenery.
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