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Hi Guys

I decided I need a permanant track and popped into my local timber yard to discuss sizes of MDF sheet - he told me that I could get a sheet 10' x 5' and These seems like a decent size to fit the gap I have and to marshal myself.

I already decided I wanted to use Sclaextric Sport so that was one choice sorted.

I also decided I should also come up with a design that would be ready for digital lane changing and if I got it right (tell me if I am wrong) all I needed to do was have a 90 deg radius 2 curve with a half straight before it ( I do hope thats right) - in my plan I have shown these as crossover curves so you can see where it goes.

I also decided to use radius 2 curves where I could for the simple reason that I have some
- I also wanted a hairpin (I think).

My last decision was to leave enough space around the track to use borders where needed.

The plan I have come up with below is simple, I admit that but I wanted to avoid cramming the track in as much as possible and create something interesting to race on in a limited amount of space. I also intend to cut out the lozenge shape section at the front to facilitate marshalling.

The crunch is I dont have enough track to build and test this so I would be keen to know if some of you guys with more experience than me (all of you?) think that this track could be any good?

Comments please ?
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