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Well after attending Slot Rally in September, I've now taken my first steps to creating 'a proper track', and carved from the finest MDF a small 'drift track'.

The dimensions of the board are 1200mm x 600mm, so not a lot of room to play with,and even less when I decided that the track had to remain 90mm from the edge of the board. After sketching a few possible tracks on paper, I hit on a idea of two sharp turning circles folding inside a larger loop. The beauty of routing you own is that the middle rail of the large loop is a 'common' negative rail, so the two slots are 6mm apart (give or take a routing error on my part. The reason the two exits differ is to maintain a more acute angle on the cross overs.

The pictureis of the track post routing, and after the board has been given a coat of watered down PVA - this it to prevent the MDF absorbing too much paint. A couple of routing errors were corrected by using cling film and lolly sticks to fill the "slot", then dripping in Epoxy glue into the gap. Once dried, any excess glue above board level was removed with a razor plane.

First picture of the track

The board gets painted tonight, and hopefully the copper tape arrives in the post in the next couple of days as well. I shall post more pictures as the thing progresses.

Time spent so far:
Deciding the design : 2 hours
Routing the slots : About 20 minutes
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Routing tapping points for power : 4 minutes
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Setting the router, positioning guide battens, etc etc : 2 hours
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Correcting routing errors : 15 minutes
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Cleaning track and sealing : 10 minutes
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