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My first NSR - Ford MK IV 1967

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Hello All,
As above. I've just taken the car out of the box.
Things I've noticed are;
The body is loose.
The tyres aren't solid
Metal drive gear

Any tips before I run it will be appreciated.
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Hi Turismo,

I always glue my NSR tyres on, makes them run much smoother. Use some lighter fluid on a rag to remove the moulding release agent on the inside of the tyres, then glue with superglue. I always true the tyres to make sure they run level and all the tyre is touching the track.

The motors in NSRs have a tendency to move a little in the motor pod, so I glue that in with hot glue. Also glue the bearings by popping them out, apply a tiny amount of superglue in the gap, and pop the rear axle section back in.

Then have a play by undoing the screws until it runs how you want.

1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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