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My first NSR - Ford MK IV 1967

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Hello All,
As above. I've just taken the car out of the box.
Things I've noticed are;
The body is loose.
The tyres aren't solid
Metal drive gear

Any tips before I run it will be appreciated.
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Awesome. Thanks.

How do slot it rate?
I have my eye on a few of those.
I own one but boxed it years ago as it was the first 956 ken wood release?
Thanks for the tips.
I'll do the tyres first then run it.
Sounds easy, similar to RC, except those tyres are hard to get a 'space'.
Nothing really.
I just know that a normal car (scalextric) can be improved with a few simple things, I was wondering if this is the same.
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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