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For windows with funny curves, you can try not useing the flat stock that comes with it!

Oh, No...........Grin.

There is an old technique that predates me, and I was using it in 1960! It is called "Heat Streaching". You carve a plug out of balsa that fits the hole and curve. Seal the balsa and then look around for a package that comes with a clear vacuformed cover. This plastic is called "Buterate" in the U.S. and you might find some in your hobby shop. In any case, you mount your molds on a post with base that holds them above your work surface. THEN, you gently warm the plastic you have over a candle until it gets all droopy. THEN you plunge the sheet over your mold, it will make a perfect copy.

Don't worry about mistakes. There are 3 you can make. One, you scorch the plastic with the flame...but since you used the free packaging stuff you were going to throw away loss. You can pull the plastic too quickly and tear it, see above. OR you won't pull it fast enough or it won't be hot enough, and you just repeat!

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