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My Ford Gt Finally came!

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I decided to take some pictures of the new Gt alongside the old Gt40 mk II So here they are, the new Gt is quite a bit bigger:

And now, what you all have seen before, The GT:

So, I am happy and i would recomend this car already (on looks alone).
The Old Gt40 MkII is alot smaller than the new Gt!

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"too tall, once again.
Got a sidewinder motor..
Nah sorry cant see it being anything spectacular in looks or performance"

Interesting isn't it? A few short years ago we'd be looking at this new model and raving about the quality of it and how faithful to the original it is (and the new Ford GT is quite a bit bigger than an original GT40 in all dimensions). Now that manufacturers are constantly raising the bar we are probably all getting more demanding as a result. Personally I think it looks great - the reason I won't buy it is that it has no competition relevance, but then that's just my preference. Keep up the good work though Scaley.

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