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My journey to the Race of Champions

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I am currently running the layout below on a 10' x 4' set of boards. It is an effective use of the space with 40ft lane length and is great fun to race with three different radius of corners.

Before I commit to pinning this down I thought I would put it to your collective wisdom for any design revisions.

N.B. The layout must not exceed 10'x 4'. The short piece under the flyover is a 78mm short straight. I am keeping my options open for digital in the future.

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I agree. I think that's a great layout, and I can easily see that converted to digital. You could probably even squeeze a short pit lane in there.
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I cannot take credit for the design, it is a development from something I found on this site but I cannot remember who to credit!

Here is a digital version without LCs for the moment. Am I right in thinking that you need one and a half straights per LC? Not keen on the idea of corner LCs.

And here is the real thing as it stands, green felt is on order. Like I said in the original post I am open to suggestions for revisions especially on the left hand side but it must be within 10'x4'

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What direction to you run it now?
Away from the camera in the photo above, the radius 3 first turn allows you to come off the throttle later.
QUOTE (RacingSnake @ 24 Feb 2012, 12:27) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Am I right in thinking that you need one and a half straights per LC?
Slight alteration to reduce the severity of the last double hairpin, and give more room for borders near the lapcounter.

This is the design I am going with.

Green felt has arrived and one piece flyover has been cut out of acrylic so now to disassemble and reassemble.

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That's a nice change.
Please post photos of your new flyover and layout as you're able.
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Nice layout and good use of space which is always a concern for me now.

Just a thought, after the 1st LH R2 under the flyover you could extend with 1 or 2 or combination's of R4s or R3s and hairpin left back to the far section of track, maybe even fit in two straights as opposed to one. Would make for a demanding section with multiple corers and gradients of bends, but guess you would loose your car storage space.
Be my guest at having a go on Track Designer, I am not sure I can visualise what you mean.

The real trick is getting all the turns in within 10' x4' which is my space limit. It is not pinned down yet so there's still time for changes.

Base boards are covered now, just the flyover to finish tomorrow night. Photos to follow.
Right the final layout is together. I am amazed to look back and see that in just 2 months of messing about I have gone from this:-

To this:-

and finally this:-

Still some adjustment and finishing to do on the flyover including some large sponsor logos, but over all it works brilliantly.

View down start straight

Looking the other way you can see how the track is supported by dowels, these will be covered by sponsor logos.

The overall design of the track was to get plenty of sideways action which is perfect for these:-

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Looks great! As I said before, I love the clever use of nesting and overpass in this small space. I've copied the layout to my files for future inspiration. The flyover looks fantastic!
To answer a PM I had recently, the flyover is made from acrylic strips that I had in a kit for forming concrete borders in gardens. They are designed to bend to form various shapes and I found that applying heat helped them retain the form I wanted. The track is supported by small horizontal dowels located in holes in the acrylic. These have now been covered with sponsor logos.
Wow, great use of space Racing Snake! And how fun it is to see an echo of my xmas layout, revived in this new design, with very clever alterations :)

I think you can find back that track here.

I'll be following your track, to see how it develops further.


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Yes indeed your track is the inspiration for my layout.

I searched through hundreds of potentials and decided yours was by far the best starting point. I did give you an unamed credit in post#4 as by then I had forgotten exactly where I saved the picture from.

Very happy that you approve of the modifications I made to get it to fit in my limited space. There are a number of people here in England that would like to thank you for many laps of fun.

Well the joy is mutual :) But credit goes to yourself, for making it work in such limited space.
As Goethe wrote: "In der Beschränkung zeigt sich der Meister" - I could try to translate that to "In constraint true skill reveals itself".

Nice layout. What is the material you made the flyover out of?

Hi Mark

Glad you like it.

See post #14 for details of the flyover.

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