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Its not really a question of inside or outside slots being set as the racing line or the 'escape lane' (as David calls it), Mr F. You're right that the racing line is what it says - the route a real car would follow entering, during and after a bend - but the positioning of the LC's where overtakes are possible (not all LC's in a BLST system are designated as overtaking spots - some are just to keep the cars in their lanes during an overtake) is something that is designed and agreed with David when you order your circuit. Most usually these are in places where the overtake stands a fair chance of coming off - for example exiting a bend and starting down a straight where the racing line slot would drift to the outside and an overtaking car might nip up the inside and try to get an advantage before the next bend - or following ones. Both cars stay in their respective lanes until one has an advantage, at which point both cars are returned to the racing line. Hard to get your head around, but it works reeeeeally well...

BTW, not all BLST LC's have to be automatic. David isn't very keen on manual ones as he believes that can lead to deliberate blocking and bumping (perish the thought), but he uses them for pit lane entry (obviously...) and can be prevailed upon to slip one or two into a circuit if you ask nicely
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