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Does anyone else change thier layout all the time? We do every couple weeks. It's almost as fun as racing. Here is the latest, we call it Dragonheart because of the shape (use your imagination).

The fastest lap time on this one is 6.315 seconds with a Silver Audi TT (stock motor, Indy Grip back tires, and a Progressive Slot it magnet up front in addition to the stock magnet in back) by my 9 year old son.


David Moss
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Whoa! That is one Hell of a Digital layout! It's impresive for an analogue track.
I'd love to try that out with a nice long race and all 6 racers! It may even be the prompt I need to convert to Sport & Digi track! Really nice work! But how does it drive, in races I mean. Do you actually get real passing oppertunites? Or do the experienced just take off into the sunset? More info, PLEASE!!!

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Thanks all.

It's very fun. Not too challenging with a car with two mags. Real challenging with a car with no mags. With the gradual radius and slight bank you can really hammer down past the 1st turn all the way to the top right buttonhook. We've had some incredible collisions there, with cars flying into the grandstands, but they are rare.

We race 4 cars all the time. Passing is great. You can cut it oh so close though and it's hard to tell sometimes until it's too late. You blink and someone is one your tail or has just jumped in front of you with less than an inch to spare. Cut it too close and both of you are off the track.

Racing 4 cars with 2 people is also neat. We just rubber band the other two controllers at acceptable speeds to put them on 'automatic'. During the race you may pass someone and gain the advantage only to be stuck behind one of the slower 'automatic' cars and be overtaken by your opponent. Because of this you find yourself thinking several turns ahead, not just the few feet in front of you.

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QUOTE (tDI_Fahrer @ 4 Feb 2005, 02:27)Looking good...

How well does the digital system works on that? Haven't got any problems with it?



The digital has worked fine 99% of the time. The passing is cool, it powers 4 cars well (with 2 power supplies) and the counter is reliable. I've had none of the overload problems some have mentioned.

But if I had anything to complain about it would be..

I had a powerbase die on me 1 month in. It was replaced and the new one has worked great ever since.

There is a very slight power draw when using 4 cars and 2 cars activate a pass at the same time (different parts of the track) as well as a spike if 2 cars deslot.

Once in a while the lap counter will not count a lap during a race. I haven't figured that out.

All in all I've had no more problems than my fathers analog system.
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