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My New ROC Layout

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After following the progress of a similar build on here some time back, I had been mulling over whether to build one myself.

I wanted to build the layout so that main start/finish line piece could be easily moved around, so that I could run ROC style and standard racing too.

So, I decided to see what track etc I had lying around to see if it was possible without spending too much money.

I had loads of track and borders, plus a Pro-base. Just needed a few bits. So I decided to see if I could pick them up cheap and have been doing so over the last few months.

All the kit has been sitting there waiting for me to get round to building it. Until now!! I got asked if I could run a Scalextric race night for my other half's tennis club. This has given me the incentive to get off my back side and get on with it.

Last weekend I decided to finally split my c7042 powerbase from it's track. Then I took the track piece from my Pro B and rejigged it to fit the C7042 Pb. So now I have two pieces of track that I can change my C7042 between. One stays on my home layout and the other will be used for the ROC layout.

I wanted to use the C7042 because it meant no phaffing around changing the SSDC software and I know that the software can do everything I need it to with the C7042.

This last week has been spent in B & Q looking at materials I could use for the base board.

I finally decided on 9mm MDF for the board, 3 8X4 ft sheets - turned out a bit expensive but it will be sturdy enough has saved me buying more wood to brace it. The boards were cut into 4x4 ft sheets - so I could get them into the car. The entire layout will be made up of six MDF sections plus a bridge, to be made out of a cardboard box (just had a new work printer delivered)

The sections cannot be bigger that 4 x 3 1/2 ft. This is so that I can transport them in the car, flat.

Today, has been the start of the making of the base.

As this stage I just need to build the base with the minimum of effort specifically for this race night, but mindful of possible later revisions.

Nothing will be fixed or run underneath the base, so that it can sit flat on the tables. The club have loads of tables

I have managed to fit the track onto the track so that the majority of the track joins match up with the join sections of the base.

The base sections are connected together using some basic plastic cabinet blocks screwed to the top of the sections and connected together by a bolt and butterfly nut.

The next stages are to

1) Hot glue the track down into place so that I can then separate the sections making it easier to work on each one separately.

2) Clean all paint and fake grass off the borders taking them back to their original colour. (These borders were used in my previous layouts, but now I am made my own.). If this is not successful, then I will just repaint them with the weathershield black paint I already have.

3) Drill six holes in one side of the board so that the throttles can sit in them. This part of the board will be sitting over the edge of the tables below, so the throttles can hand nicely.

4) Paint the base - Not sure what colour yet - I have some green and some dark blue paint lying around. The green is a really sick green colour, so I might add some black to darken it. The blue might not fit in with the track and border colours. But they are free and it will do for now. Would have liked a vibrant red, but don't have any. to hand. Might ask around, neighbours etc!!

5) Hot glue the cleaned borders to the layout.

6) Whilst laying the borders I will look to run the wiring from the C7042 track piece to the C7042 base hidden under the borders.

7) Build the bridge.

8) Testing

9) Add new "Surechange" Sport guides to the super resistant Scaley Audi TT's. I have ordered 10 guides and have more than six chipped Audi's. So should have plenty of spares for the night.

Yesterday, I had an idea to add a pit lane. I have a Pit Pro already, but also have another spare track piece in the box of bits. However it has no sensor in it. I have contacted RighG and Riko to see if they can supply me with two sensors, which I think they can. (You may have seen my other thread on the sensors)

The other thing I now need is the exit piece for a left handed pit lane. If anyone has one lying around they would like to part with get in touch.

Anyway, that's all from me for now. Below is a pic of the layout earlier today before the boards were cut down to size.

White Black Wood Stairs Flooring


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I thought it was about time I updated you all.

There have been some changes.

I have now extended some of the boards so that all boards are the same size - 4ft x 3.6ft

This has a few advantages:

1) To help in the stacking and transportation of the track.

2) To put a bit of distance between the racers and the edge of the track - racers kept leaning on the barriers!

I have also added wooden feet so that it is easier to run cabling, throttles etc., and keep the cabling out of harms way during racing. It also helps with the stacking when being stored.

The bottom board of the layout sits on skis when stored or being transported so that I can slide the track out from storage and the car.

The track is also to have some alterations:-

1) Changes to the layout.

2) Change of direction.

3) Move of the pit lane to the outside.

Here is a pic of the proposed changed layout.

Once the re-jig is completed I can then continue to work on the boards individually - painting, continuity, etc.

I'll put up some more pics in due course.

That's all for now folks!!


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After a night of laying, testing, and then re-laying, I 've settled on this final version......................for now!

Now I can get on with all the other stuff!

Another update soon.

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I love the layout and the way it's evolved recently - I imagine it'd be pretty hard to squeeze any more track into the space than you already have! Also, those are some very cool ideas for fundraisers at your club... well done for raising all that cash!
steve, just wondering how does the track race in a digital format? Are you happy with all of the lane changers etc? I am thinking about recreating something similar so your thoughts would be appreciated.
Hi Stig95,

I didn't use it in this set up for very long, but for digital normal racing it worked well.

I then moved on to creating my "Potable Track 2", which tells you what I learnt from this ROC layout.

Hope that helps.

After a night of laying, testing, and then re-laying, I 've settled on this final version......................for now!


Now I can get on with all the other stuff!

Another update soon.

Steve do you have the build guide i.e track parts required in order to make this circuit?
Steve which track designer tool did you use to create the layout?
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Stevef1964 - how do you get UR 3.0 to just show R2, R3 etc rather than the Cxxxx?

I was playing earlier with the prefs but can't get it to look like yours as mine also has the description after the Rxx?

You can change the names of each track piece in either the library editor, or the text editor.

It looks like Steve has edited the lengthy (though official) track names used in the Scalextric libraries to shorter clearer names. So, an "Outer outer curve R4" becomes simply an "R4".

It's a good idea.
JasonB - Thanks for clarifying!

Is it possible to 'export' custom libraries in this respect?

I had a look but not sure if it's possible from the UI. Can it be done at the file level, is there a mechanism to share edits? (hint hint Stevef1964 ;-) )
All I did was save the plan as a JPEG file, open it in "Paint" and add the R1, R2 writing. Simples!!
There is an alternative way of identifying track pieces in UR, click on View, then Preferences, in the Document Properties box that pops up click on the drop down list under Track drawing and select Colour-coding then click OK
JasonB - Thanks for clarifying!

Is it possible to 'export' custom libraries in this respect?

I had a look but not sure if it's possible from the UI. Can it be done at the file level, is there a mechanism to share edits? (hint hint Stevef1964 ;-) )
Yes, it's possible to export libraries. I've done one with shorter track names for you...

Apologies for going off topic
Do you mean exporting the UR track file?

Send me your e-mail, I'll send you the file and you can see if it loads.
...... and if you want a more representative XLC, try this ..................


Many library mods can be found in the Scalextric Digital section ....... search for Library or UR30 ........ :)
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