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my old V.I.P revamped

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i purchased awhile ago a vip car and thought it was about time to revamp it , with a Penelope pitlane chassis .

even though it ran well for a old timer it just didn't have the um-ff any more, id never tried to build my own chassis but found that CK 1 BARGAIN GP Chassis Kit at £22.95 from Penelope pitlane was ideal , it was very easy to build with nice clear instructions , the only problem i found was that the wheel hub spokes where really fragile and managed to brake them as i shake with my health problem,other than that its a fab kit well worth the money .

Penelope pitlane CK 1 BARGAIN GP Chassis Kit at £22.95

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Tom its a 72 mile round trip going that sort of distance with my health problems on my own is not advisable , when Kay finishes college may be bud
Good job Wayne, how does it run?

it runs like a dream , nice to handle
Yeah Graham i lowered it fits just nice now ,.
Thanks Tony didn't realise that mate .
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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