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Hi I managed to buy a nice cuc from Ebay - I wanted one to resemble the one I bought when I was 15 years old all those years ago .

This one ticks the boxes . Rewound 26D , ball races , Black aftermarket Cuc chassis. independent front axle etc . It came with a nice not overly chopped body . I raised the fake motor cover by epoxying two wedges of polystrene then blended everything in with Milliput . I added a spoiler on the rear and after priming I gave it a 60's style paintjob ..
Cheers from OZ !!! I would love to run it on a track somewhere ...

J:\Photos\CUC picturesJ:\Photos\CUC picturesJ

Sorry I wanted to put pictures of my baby on this entry but I can't figure how to post them on ....
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