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im starting to get a collection of cars now and the way things are goings i could well end up with more cars then i have space for!
. When i first got back into slot cars, i was going to deal with touring cars but after searching for some rtr cars, i found out the there are self bulid kits on the market and i now own 3 kit bulit cars with more planned aswell.

The first one you are going to see, i got when i brought all the track and so on, i did have another but that ended up with some problems and in the end was scraped, it was only after scraping it that i found out that spare parts are available and very easy to get hold of

here it is, i hope to use this as a camera car and i do a mini camera on the way

here are my two fly slot ferrari f40s

I have been looking at putting some lighting on my layout for some night racing but thought that maybe i could put some lights on the cars, the picture below shows the layout etc and was wondering, does anyone think it can be done and if so, do you know where i could get the parts from? many thanks sd.

The last one is a team slot audi quattro (none racing).

When i brought this i thought how much difference can there be between each make, im sure it will be nice and easy to do, my o my, how wrong i was!

Parts are as described
left top= axle assembly
middle top=body and chassis
right top= tyres
bottom left= details and internal body ( there is alot!)
bottom middle= windows
bottom right= motor assembly and guide pin assembly

I can see this taking a bit longer then half hour
. Im hoping to get hold of some paints before the holidays, if not, then i can bulid it up for now as the body can come to bits if need be.

I will have some more in the future and i will also show the bulid of the quattro as i can see this being an epic bulid aswell.

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I don't have a Team Slot Quattro, but I did recently put together a TeamSlot Celica for the OzRally Proxy. I think there's probably both good and bad to be said for them, but it did finish up as a fairly nice looking car. Hopefully not too many of the proxy drivers are swearing at it (as distinct to last year's effort).

Those cars will multiply, without doubt.


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I am (still) putting together a Team Slot Renault 5 Turbo... Indeed there lots of small pieces and some fitting holes weren't properly cut into some parts. It felt very daunting in the beginning but now it seems not so bad after all. There's a ton of small parts but it's manageable. I had to remove a fair amount of flash from the plastic bits and enlarge some holes but things fit together pretty well after that.

It's so cool to see it taking shape and there's a pride in building your own car even if it's from a kit!

Good luck on building the quattro, it's a lovely car! I'm thinking of getting it once my R5 is completed.
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