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Hi everyone,

When it comes to talk about my slot car history I feel a little sad as it started very succesfully about 11 years ago and did not continue in the way I predicted because of the economic and maybe social, cultural conditions in my country.

In 1972 when I was 14 years old I bought my first Scalextric set in Brussels when I visited my brother.

Many years after in 1999, I reserved a 100 sqm room in my company just for my slot car hobby. I setup a 30 meters 4 lane track just for myself and my friends to race together. In a few months later it started to gather people as a club.

Later we changed the layout to a more complex and 6 lane track and started regular monthly tournaments.

And below is a video from the races of those days. The video begins after 30 seconds of intro pictures.

And this was a championship we ran in a shopping mall.

I'll add some more soon about how it became a business now but not in the way I predicted at the beginning.


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Harun comes to us via Model Rail Forum. The modelling in Turkey is amazing. Perhaps not everyone there has a train set or slot car set in their attic, but those that do really go all out to make them look good and work well.

Harun runs a business making accessories and buildings for Model Railways (link) and now for Slotcars (link).

Welcome to SlotForum Harun, we look forward to seeing more of your photos and videos.
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