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I participated in a 1/24 Vintage Race Night series. We finally all agreed on a Thingie class. Here is my entry:

Mr Rat Fink in his purple and white tuck & roll upholstered interior:

When I got back into 1/24 slot cars (late 80's early 90's) I used to get a lot of the Thingies when I would buy a collection. I would always sell off the Thingies as quickly as I could. I bought a collection of cars and there were two Gar-Vic Thingies in there, used but in the original boxes. For what ever reason I started keeping them. Now I think they are WAY KOOL!!

Marysville, OH

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Hi Marty - Yeah , I like the Gar-Vic cars as well ! This is my collection -
Left to Right -Coronado , Sonic Needle , Lunar , Firebird , X-Stream and Ocelot .

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I'm like you Marty, I used to disdain Thingies and then the more I learned about them, the more I liked and appreciated them!

Rat Fink is a great touch and very appropriate. I see you've got the Candies too, which still hook up great after 40 years...

I think in some ways, the Gar-Vic cars are the most emblematic of all the 60s thingies - the dream of a 13 year old boy!


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I too like the Gar-Vic thingies!

As a 13 year-old boy, I had a Coronado that the I got with Green Stamps!
It was a great car. I need to collect some of these again.


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That car looks hot as hell.


Love that picture of yours too.

I have been brewing on some stuff now that my rl stuff settled and i am finding my footing at our new house.
Pictures soon to follow


Not only 13 year olds, day i will have them
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